Not getting left behind for once!

09:35 Karen 0 Comments

Well, I am so glad that I went with the decision to do JYC2012 and to keep it simple.This has given me a little something to do every day, even if it is only writing the journaling on a scrap of paper, and enabled me to keep up.  I can't say the same for getting them on my blog daily but I am off work for the next 10 days so will try harder, I promise.

So here we have it (with apologies for the number of photos) - Days 5 to 18 not always in the order of Shimelle's prompts but recording our build up to Christmas 2012. 

I have covered the little chest and will photograph that today if I remember.  I am absolutely delighted with this project and so pleased I decided to join in.

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1.  10 whole days off work.
2.  Almost there with the Christmas preparations.
3. Family Christmas shopping day is today :0)