Seduced by Shimelle and Using the KIS Approach

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Ok - all my friends who know me oh so well, can now say "I told you so". I vowed I would not do JYC this year as I have two unfinished books from 2011 and 2010. Oh no I said when asked if I was going to participate and I did think I meant it. BUT on Saturday Shimelle sent me the email and I foolishly decided it wouldn't hurt if I just read the pdf because as we all knew I wasn't going to do the class this year. BIG mistake I was pulled in hook, line and sinker. So I decided that if I was going to do it this year I would keep it ultra simple, no going big on embellishments, no whole pages, no reams of journaling.

 I popped into the Range on Sunday and bought a little kraft casket and a Dovecraft Christmas goodie bag which had papers, gems, stickers, flowers and buttons that co-ordinate - good for a quick grab and go project. Purchased an envelope cutting file, from Silhouette, and adapted to the size I wanted it to be and gave it an extra flap to make a lining for the envelope.  Cut it on the good old (soon to be no more but that's another story and this time Eileen made me do it) Craft Robo and speedily designed some card inserts on Word - number and journaling on the front and a photo on the back. 

Also, as Shimelle suggested, I am going to take photos on my phone for the project, unless I already have one I can use.  I use an app called Camera Zoom FX and find it takes adequate, not brilliant, photos and I can edit them on my phone. This year, adequate is going to be ok. I liked the look of the apps Shimelle recommended but as my phone is an android and not an iPhone the best one was not available. I now have a very quick way of completing the project. I am hand writing the journaling so that I can do this at work during lunch if necessary and make sure I keep up.

This year it is all about getting it finished not about having a beautiful half finished project. So far I have started to decorate the casket, 

 cut out 12 envelopes, printed cards 1 - 12 and completed my manifesto and days 1 - 4 of the project. 

 I am trying to live with the fact that the day 2 card was not straight when I took the photo and the photo of the photos is a different size to the photo of the journaling cards - and not rephotograph them!


 I have high hopes that it will get finished this year.

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1) Bringing back the excitement of Christmas. 

2) Accepting my limitations. 

3) Acknowlaging that this year it is more important to get the project finished in a simple form than have a more complicated half finished project. 

By the way the KIS approach is Keep It Simple

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