The Making of the Making of Harry Potter Folder

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Gracia and Josh visited The Making of Harry Potter tour just before Christmas and she took over 300 photographs (I have trained her well)!  As luck would have it Ann Freeman runs a crop on the 2nd Saturday of each month and Ann's December class was a fabulous folder with inserts for photographs
(Ann's beautiful folder is here). Ann used October Afternoon Make It Merry range. I was given an 8 x 8 pad of this as a present and used it to add to my folder.  I also cut out lots of stars from mirror card - using my Silhouette of course!

Front with date stamped onto label

Ann had shown us how to make a little pocket on the inside of the front flap - I put their train tickets into it.

On the second flap I stuck two decorated strips of white card to keep their entry tickets safe.

Gracia chose 8 photographs to put onto the folder inserts.

Gracia and Josh had returned to Newcastle before I had finished this little project but she each time she phoned she asked if it was finished yet - a sure sign she was keen to have it in her hot little hands.  I posted it last Saturday and she was thrilled with the end result.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. The wonderful projects that Ann devises.

2.  Gracia is now a Pinterest Addict and we can share cupcake recipes.  

3.  Looking forward to the start of Telling Tales.



She's still at it!

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Yes, I am still at it - playing along with Miss Smith (if you have time pop over to her blog and read some of her posts.  Why didn't I have a maths teacher like her?). Today she posted another in her series of Pretty Polaroids

 As I had used a large flower on my last one I used a heart for this one. 

It's made with scraps of October Afternoon - Make It Merry.  I was too lazy to search out a piece of lace so made paper lace with a punch.

Reasons to be cheerful

1.  I have chosen my paper ranges for the classes I am teaching at the ATDML retreat.

2.  Kits packed and cupcake recipes decided for crop next week.

3.  Another day off tomorrow as it's Sunday. :-) 

Hope your Sunday is a good one x


Still playing along with miss smith

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What's this I hear you say! No posts for a while then three come along at once. Just like buses.

This is a bit of an experiment. David brought me a nexus tablet for Christmas and I have taken the photo on my phone, Bluetoothed it to my tablet, downloaded blogger and am seeing how it goes from there. If it works OK I may well blog more from my tablet! 

The infamous Miss Smith posted another tutorial. This time it was a decorated polaroid frame. As I loved making the journalling cards so much I decided to play along with this one too. 
Polaroid frame cut with the silhouette - 9 from a sheet of card stock! Bits and pieces are what I had lying around.

Reasons to be cheerful

1. Making time to do things that make me happy.

2.  It's almost the weekend.

3. Being able to blog from my tablet. I did do a quick bit of editing on my laptop after I had posted but on the whole think this may be the way to go with quick blog posts!


She's makes it too irresistible!

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It was too irresistible - I did warn you after seeing them photographed on a piece of black cardstock - I just had to get on and use those journaling cards that I made at the weekend.  When Gracia put this photo on facebook it shouted 'scrap me and scrap me now'! I have no doubt that this photo will feature in a larger size on one or two more layouts.

 So I used three cards as photo mats, one as a mat for my title and two for journaling. 

Added a punched boarder and some punched butterflies, red gems and I think this is the quickest page I have ever made.

 It probably took longer to resize the photos and punch the butterflies than it did to put together.  Oh well, off to sort out some more bits and pieces to make another set of journaling cards.   

Reasons to be cheerful:

1.   Facebook photos.

2.   My family.

3.  The accounts are done!



Simple Stories and Telling Tales

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I am determined to blog a little more often this year but have already fallen behind with my goal of a post a week! Never-mind, no use crying over spilt milk, or unwritten blog posts. 

The ATDML DT were given some lovely Simple Stories papers to design with and it was a breeze. Sometimes I struggle with certain paper ranges but these pages just fell together. Could be that I had lots of new photos from Christmas to scrap but I really enjoyed working with this range.

First up – So Happy Together  - photo taken on Christmas day when Josh came over for a while. 


Then I made - Boxing Day Walk. We like to go on the Boxing Day walk organised by our church whenever possible. Photos taken by Gracia on her new camera.

I loved the whimsy of – One Little Spotted Frog Another Christmas day photo of Gracia in her frog onesie. She does like to make us laugh. 


Finally – Every Day is Crazy in This House David and Gracia had knitted hats from one of our relatives but I got a tea cosy. Not one to be left out I wore it as a hat for this photo! I used my Silhouette to cut stars out from a piece of white card and then backed it with patterned paper. I also cut the title out using the Silhouette.

Last year I took the ‘Just One Sketch’ class by the very talented Kirsty Smith (Miss Smith) and have signed up for this year’s class ‘Telling Tales’ . As a consequence I now follow her blog (that girl is as mad as a box of frogs) and recently she posted a tutorial on making journaling cards from scraps.  

 I decided to make some journaling cards, ready for the upcoming class, using the scraps I had left fom the Simple Stories papers and stickers.  

I designed the card shape on my Silhouette (can you tell I am loving it so much) and then cut 12 - enough to make another set later - from a sheet of kraft card.  I also cut out the grid patterned paper using the machine - much quicker than measuring and cutting.  Other than that I just used a small square, heart and circle punches and stapled the top instead of using a paperclip.  They are less freeform than Kirsty's but I am very fond of them. I know Kirsty hand cut hers and they were different sizes but my ocd kicked in and I had to have uniform cards. (Looking at them photographed against some black card I really want to make a page with them immediately so the making a new set may come quicker than I anticipated!)

On reflection, I think my cards may be a bit small (3in x 2 ¼ in) but I had such fun making them that I won’t mind making some more larger ones. 

Why don’t you pop over to Kirsty’s blog to have a look at her tutorial? I bet you will have made some cute journaling cards by this time next week once you have seen how easy they are to make. You may also be tempted to sign up for her upcoming class.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1.  Finding time to blog.

2.  Talented ladies like the crazy Miss Smith

3.  Having a family who constantly seek out ways to make each other laugh. 



Playing Hookie

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I was  supposed to be at home yesterday, I was supposed to be finishing off David's accounts to get to the Accountant, I was supposed to be doing a little bit of housework and preparing for Rainbows tomorrow but instead I played hookie and went to the Scrapmates crop and do you know what, despite having so much to do today I don't regret it one little bit.  I sat with friends scrapping and plotting and planning for an upcoming event that we are soooooo excited about.  I spent more time faffing about than scrapping and only managed to get one page finished and one half finished.  

Now you all know how much I love my Craft Robo - well it gave up the ghost in December, when I needed it most and in a fit of pique, on impulse and after being egged on by my good friend Eileen (I have to confess not much egging was needed) I ordered a new Cameo Silhoutte and I am so pleased with it.

Don't you love it when things just fall into place.  For Christmas Gracia, with a little help from her dad, bought me a lovely owl handbag.  As luck would have it I had bought some gorgeous owl paper from ATDML and it was perfect for scrapping the photo I had taken of my bag and purse.  

Whilst looking for a suitable title to cut out on the Silhoutte

 I came across a print and cut file that perfectly matched the paper 


So there we have it - a page that documents my lovely present and how well my girl knows me.  

By the way several people have said to me "I have bought/was going to buy that bag for my daughter" if that means that Gracia thinks I can carry off things that a much younger woman can then I say "Thank you very much my gorgeous girlie - thank you for understanding my desire to never conform or be considered ordinary".

Reasons to be cheerful:

1.   Playing hookie with the girls.

2.  A wonderful daughter who is happy to choose gifts that she knows I would like and disregarding the fact that they are maybe intended for women a little younger than I am - I love that girl so much.

3. Still playing hookie from the accounts to write a blog post!