Playing Hookie

15:23 Karen 10 Comments

I was  supposed to be at home yesterday, I was supposed to be finishing off David's accounts to get to the Accountant, I was supposed to be doing a little bit of housework and preparing for Rainbows tomorrow but instead I played hookie and went to the Scrapmates crop and do you know what, despite having so much to do today I don't regret it one little bit.  I sat with friends scrapping and plotting and planning for an upcoming event that we are soooooo excited about.  I spent more time faffing about than scrapping and only managed to get one page finished and one half finished.  

Now you all know how much I love my Craft Robo - well it gave up the ghost in December, when I needed it most and in a fit of pique, on impulse and after being egged on by my good friend Eileen (I have to confess not much egging was needed) I ordered a new Cameo Silhoutte and I am so pleased with it.

Don't you love it when things just fall into place.  For Christmas Gracia, with a little help from her dad, bought me a lovely owl handbag.  As luck would have it I had bought some gorgeous owl paper from ATDML and it was perfect for scrapping the photo I had taken of my bag and purse.  

Whilst looking for a suitable title to cut out on the Silhoutte

 I came across a print and cut file that perfectly matched the paper 


So there we have it - a page that documents my lovely present and how well my girl knows me.  

By the way several people have said to me "I have bought/was going to buy that bag for my daughter" if that means that Gracia thinks I can carry off things that a much younger woman can then I say "Thank you very much my gorgeous girlie - thank you for understanding my desire to never conform or be considered ordinary".

Reasons to be cheerful:

1.   Playing hookie with the girls.

2.  A wonderful daughter who is happy to choose gifts that she knows I would like and disregarding the fact that they are maybe intended for women a little younger than I am - I love that girl so much.

3. Still playing hookie from the accounts to write a blog post!



humel said...

What a lovely gift - and what a lovely layout! I'm glad you went to the crop, too :)

Sue Jones said...

Brilliant page :) Glad you had fun - i have not played with my robo for years!! - wonder if it still works!

Denise said...

Beautiful layout - and what a fab day we had xx

debs14 said...

How lovely to see you two weeks in a row! You didn't look very guilty about being there instead of doing accounts at home ;-)
Lovely layout of a lovely present!

Sandie said...

Lovely post and lovely page! And what's more, lovely to see you yesterday!!! lol
You naughty lady has given me the nudge I needed to buy the silhouette cameo too! The special offer has run out but I could request notification when it next comes up. Waiting impatiently!

scrappyjacky said...

A gorgeous bag.....and,yes, my daughter would love that as well.
Sounds like a great day.

Jo.C said...

Fun bag and great layout. Hope the accounts have gone well today x

Rhona said...

Love the bag and the layout. I haven't yet got round to using the print and cut on my Silhouette but if I get stuck I know who to contact ;) xx

Such a cute bag, lovely layout, and I'm a jealous friend that you got a cameo silhouette! You'll have to tell me all about it IN MARCH!!! :o)!!!

Love, love, love your owls.