Still playing along with miss smith

20:33 Karen 6 Comments

What's this I hear you say! No posts for a while then three come along at once. Just like buses.

This is a bit of an experiment. David brought me a nexus tablet for Christmas and I have taken the photo on my phone, Bluetoothed it to my tablet, downloaded blogger and am seeing how it goes from there. If it works OK I may well blog more from my tablet! 

The infamous Miss Smith posted another tutorial. This time it was a decorated polaroid frame. As I loved making the journalling cards so much I decided to play along with this one too. 
Polaroid frame cut with the silhouette - 9 from a sheet of card stock! Bits and pieces are what I had lying around.

Reasons to be cheerful

1. Making time to do things that make me happy.

2.  It's almost the weekend.

3. Being able to blog from my tablet. I did do a quick bit of editing on my laptop after I had posted but on the whole think this may be the way to go with quick blog posts!


Hi Karen ~ Well, aren't you tech savvy! ;o) Good job on getting all the technical stuff right, and I just love your version of this cute frame! xo

Louise said...

i sort of put one together too - it just never got stuck down!! your's is fab x

Sandie said...

As always, lovely.
I was inspired by Kirsty's tutorial and my grand daughters are coming tomorrow for a sleep over. They always want to craft so if I have time I hope to make a few journal cards myself. You will have a lovely collection the way you are going!

Sandra said...

Oh what a fabulous card, I think I may just have a play making one this weekend. Super impressed that you blog from your tablet - I can read blogs on my iPad, but haven't even looked to see how I'd blog yet.

Sian said...

It's very pretty!

Sue Jones said...

Wow I LOVE it - might have to have a "play" tomorrow xxx