The Good, The Bad and The Utgly!

07:32 Karen 6 Comments

Our darling girl came home for the weekend. This is always a labour of love as she has to catch the 5:15am train and doesn't get into the station where I pick her up until 9:30am and we then have a 20 minute drive home. We had a fabulous weekend, going for a huge cooked breakfast and shopping on Saturday morning and then we spent the afternoon making Valentine's cards together 

and baking cakes for her to take back to Newcastle for her friend's cake sale. 

On Sunday, as I had already made arrangements to go for a craft day with friends (organised prior to Gracia deciding to come home last weekend) Gracia and David spent the day together. We both have an app called Whats App which enables you to send texts and photos for free so all day I had a running text/photo commentary of what they were doing. It looked to me that the day comprised mostly of drinking hot chocolate in various places and eating cake.  She did take a fabulous photo of David walking the dog.

David and Gracia picked me up from the village hall where the craft event was and we went for a Pizza for tea.  All too soon it was time to put her on the train back to Newcastle.  We had a fabulous weekend - spending most of it laughing at together at so many things.

Last Thursday Gracia went out clubbing with some friends.  She usually wears stack heels as being of deminuitve height she feels less volnerable.  This time she didn't and as the result of some over zealous dancing by one of the clubbers (not her friends) she sustained a black eye.  Fortunataly, she was out with her Med friends and they administered ice and tlc.  She has a lovely shiner.

As she caught the 7:45pm train back to Newcastle, she didn't get back until after 2:30am and went straight to bed.  When she unpacked her case in the morning she realised that at some point someone had stolen her laptop out of her suit case! She is not sure when but they had unpacked a pair of trousers that had been wrapped around it, taken the laptop and put the trousers back!

Reasons to be cheerful

1. Our Girl makes so much effort to come home to see us.

2. I bought her a hard drive to back her laptop up on just after Christmas so the only thing she has lost is the laptop, all photos and work are saved.  We were sensible enough to take out insurance for her so she will have a new laptop soon.  Rosie had a spare laptop for her to use.

3. The most important reason to be cheerful - we had a wonderful weekend together and although her laptop was stolen she got home safely.



Louise said...

oh no - what are people like! So glad the laptop was backed up. Those cakes look yummy!

Sian said...

Bit of a roller coaster ride of a week then! I'm sorry to hear about the laptop..I know you are getting it replaced, but it still doesn't feel very nice to have somebody do that

Cheri said...

What an eventful weekend. I would feel so violated if someone took my laptop with all the personal stuff that is on it (even though it is backed up). So glad Gracia's was properly backed up!

Alison said...

Sorry to hear about Gracia's eye, and o course, her laptop...aren't some people awful?
Alison xx

Sandra said...

There are some horrid people around aren't there - still like you say things weren't so bad. I love that you look on the good side of all things

Wow - what a weekend! I'm so glad you had backed things up and had insurance for her. And the food and cards are just lovely!