A Little Advice Please

09:08 Karen 9 Comments

Ok. I have migrated my blog reading list to both Bloglovin and Feedly and I have issues with both. I love the layout and ease of use of Bloglovin, I love that it tells me how many posts I have to read and gives me the opportunity to decide whether I have enough time or need to leave it until later to read the posts but I hate that it won't let me comment on certain blogs. To comment I have to open the blog in a new page because when I am in Bloglovin and try to comment it will just pull up a blank page! Hence, why I have been a little lax with commenting on certain blogs as by the time I have read all the posts in my blog list I have forgotten who I need to specifically comment on.  Apologies to DebTurtle,  Denise & Sian  and several others, what do you all  have in common that Bloglovin doesn't like?

 As for Feedly, I like the layout and how you are able to choose how you see the list of posts but I would like to be able to just click a button, like you can in Google Reader or Bloglovin to get to the next blog post and not have to open each one individually. Maybe you can do this and I haven't investigated it enough.

 So my question is what are you going to use with the imminent demise of Google Reader on the horizon.

 Reason to be cheerful

 Blog friends who will always step up to the mark with advice.



Sandie said...

I've not yet liked into this so I can't offer any words of wisdom. I seriously need to look into making my writing & reading posts much more efficient. I hope you get some good advice and find good solutions.

Cheri said...

I'm pretty close to deciding on "The Old Reader" which is the closest thing to Google Reader that I've found.

Anonymous said...

I've tried bloglovin and now I'm trying feedly. I'm finding issues with both and am still searching for something I really like. I might have to make do bur first I'm going to try The Old Reader. Whatever I pick is going to have to be available to read on my iPad as well as my laptop.

scrappyjacky said...

Although I've joined Bloglovin....I'm still using Google Reader....and am dreading its demise.....maybe we should start a protest campaign!!!

Sian said...

Er, sorry, I have no idea - I have quite a few regulars who use Blog Lovin and no one else has mentioned any kind of a problem...I wonder what it could be?

Sandra said...

I must admit although I've moved over to bloglovin, I'm still using reader to read & comment

Jo.C said...

I'm the same as Sian and Jacky. I have bloglovin' but reader is so much easier for me. Don't know what I am doing wrong :0)
May have to try out Old Reader too. The way this year is going past so fast google reader will be no more before I know it!

Love reading the comments, as I haven't done anything yet either! I was thinking I would move to bloglovin since so many people have, but maybe I'll try The Old Reader.

Becky said...

Ive not tried anything yet, so I am afraid I am of no use to you! But it is interesting to read what everyone is trying!