Exciting Times Post 1 (A long time in the coming)

18:15 Karen 12 Comments

Well Hello!

I bet you didn't expect to see me back so soon :o)

I have had such an exciting few weeks and I thought it was about time I shared some of it with you.  If you are one of the people who follow the blogs of Team Teal you will know that the most exciting thing ever happened at the end of March - Deb and Carrie came over from Arizona.  Although I count Deb as a friend and Carrie as the daughter of a friend we have never met only chatted through blogs, email and Skype (which we must do more often).

I need to quickly give you a little background about our friendship.  Several years ago I took an online class called Blogging for Scrapbookers.  Several of us kept up our blog friendship after the class had finished and Deb was on of them.  Sadly, Deb's mum was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and we all rallied round to give Deb support.  She sent us teal wristbands and we became part of TeamTeal  - praying and wishing for Marti's recovery.  

 Devastatingly for Deb our prayers were not answered and she lost her mum.  Marti left Deb some funds to enable her and Carrie to visit her Team Teal friends in the UK and that is just what she did.

We met for the first time at Deb  K's (not the same Deb  I would add) house when, with Alison who had travelled over from Spain, the six of us (with Denise of course) spent some time cropping and chatting.  

 Deb had asked her niece to make everyone a little bag with our names on and she had filled it with goodies.

Deb had always said she would love to come over to one of my crops and sample a cupcake or two and we made it as much like a mini crop as possible.

So Deb K's lovely hubby took a photo of us all, Deb K printed it out

 Carrie took this one so is not in it :0(
and we all had a kit, supplied by Denise and myself, to play with.  

It was really lovely to see how everyone's style of scrapbooking differed and how everyone used the kits in different ways.

 My layout - a little more lumpy and 'full on' than others!
It was a fantastic day, finished off by a trip to the pub for supper.

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1.  That I liked Deb as much as I knew I would.

2.  Strangers who instantly become friends - Alison & Carrie.

3.  The warm glow I get in my heart when I think about that day.



Sian said...

I have loved seeing the pictures and reading about the fun times you all had together. What a pleasure!

Louise said...

a lovely layout to record a lovely occasion.

Alison said...

I have that warm glow too Karen!
Alison xx

The current photos are lovely, but the one from the previous crop (holding hands with the teal bracelets) just choked me up! Thanks for including it.

debs14 said...

It was a lovely day wasn't it? It was so good to meet up and know that these lovely ladies are all as nice when you meet them in real life as you imagined they would be from reading their blogs.
Scrapbookers rock!

Amy said...

Isn't it amazing that one little class way back when has helped so many form such strong bonds? I am very glad that you had the opportunity to meet Deb and Carrie and that you all had such a lovely time together.

Oh, Karen, what a lovely post. :o) Our day at Deb's was so amazing and I loved every bit of it! Thanks again for the lovely scrapbooking kit, bringing all of your tools for us to use, that adorable little turtle, and for the yummy cupcakes you made for "pudding!" ;o)

And that original photo of your Team Teal hands united is still a tear-jerker for me! I will never forget the first time I saw it - sitting on the bed in my mom's guest room while she was having a particularly difficult morning! ♥

scrappyjacky said...

A lovely post,Karen.....wonderful days.

Sandra said...

I honestly smiled at this lovely post. Friendship is such an important part of our lives and looks like you've made some to last forever x

Denise said...

Your post has made me all smiley :-)

Becky said...

A lovely post :-)

Sandie said...

That's lovely Karen, it's nice to know the story of how you met.