10:06 Karen 5 Comments

Hello - I am still here but a tad on the busy side! 

Having given up the chance of spending the day with the Enfield girls crafting after looking at the state of my house, this seemed so appropriate - found on Pinterest whilst wasting time instead of cleaning!

Will be back soon with a more interesting post!



Amy said...

Hi Karen, I am sorry you've had to miss your crop ... that's a pretty funny poster though!

Rhona said...

I was born to do anything other than housework, I think ;) Hope you get yours done and can do some scrapping afterwards. Have a good weekend. x

scrappyjacky said...

Housework is definately a dirty word!!
Wanted to clarify my Exhibition comments....I wasn't impressed with Excel....but have been to Ally Pally a few times.....and always loved it....despite the crowds....am hoping to go in September.

Sandie said...

Distraction is a great way of avoiding what we don't want to do. I'm an expert at it!

I was at Ally Pally today and up at my usual 5am because the house was in a mess and I will have no time to sort it this week. At least having something nice to do after is an incentive, and what I need sometimes to kick me into action. Hope you had a treat planned after your house work.

I've just been reading Jacky's comment. If you've never been to Ally Pally I recommend it. Mind you, there were very few papers this time and lots of stamps. Perhaps it might not appeal to you as much as it did me unless you have conquered your stamping phobia! lol :)

Alison said...

Love the poster, Karen!
Alison xx