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It all started after a fabulous day spent together crafting.

Deb, Carrie, Alison, Deb K, Denise and I were in a pub and the talk turned to Cate and her impending baby. At the time I didn't know Cate and had never followed her blog but was instantly sucked in at the prospect of a blog hop (especially if everyone else was going to be doing it)!

We chatted through several ideas and settled on making pages for a scrapbook for her to use after the birth of her expected daughter. 

So here are the pages I made. They have lots of purple, as that is Cate's favourite colour and as we agreed, are on a white 8 x 8 base with space for six by four photos. I made print and cut titles on my Silhouette (yes I know I say it every time but I just love that machine) and delved into my stash for suitable bits and bobs.  As luck would have it, I had made a wedding album for my neice a couple of years ago and that was all purples so had lots to choose from. 

I don't often make double pages and when I do make them by sticking the two pieces of cardstock down to my cutting mat and then running pieces of paper, ribbon and in this case a heart shaped doily across the two.  I then add embellishments and anything else I want until I am happy that they sit together nicely and then finally slice through the middle to get my two pages.

It was also suggested that we might like to give Cate some little nugget of advice regarding motherhood but what advice could the mother of an only child give to the mother of five only to say enjoy every minute because as you will certainly not need to be told those little precious bundles grow up so quickly. My mum advised me that I should always make the most of every minute and not waste time doing things that didn't need doing. She said that the cleaning will still be there long after the baby has grown and left home. 

So Cate  I hope your little one has a long and happy life and that she fits snugly into your family as though she has always been there x

Reasons to be cheerful:

1.  Baby Girls.

2. Online friendships that transfer into real ones.

3. Purple scrapping (it happens to be my favourite colour too).



debs14 said...

What lovely pages, they are just perfect!

Alison said...

Perfect indeed!....and happy memories brought back of a lovely day!
Alison xx

Sandie said...

What a lovely idea Karen. I'm sure Cate will treasure this album.

Hooray! I loved seeing our photo and being reminded of our time together. And I love that Cate's baby shower is a result of the time we spent visiting that day. Your layouts are just darling, Karen. Thanks so much for participating in our bloggy baby shower today!

PS: Totally LOVE your three reasons to be cheerful! :o)

Amy said...

The detail in the Little One title is lovely Karen and both of your pages have turned out really well.

Sian said...


helena said...

both beautiful double pages and I love the process you use to create them

Louise said...

i've seen pages poppping up all over blog land and think Cate is lucky to have you all as her blog friends. Gorgeous pages and such a wonderful idea x

gosh, those titles make me more determined to get a die cut machine I can use! I've got photo ideas already! Thank you!