For the love of Shoes

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It's the first Sunday of the month so it must be Story Telling Sunday over on Sian's blog. So what's my precious for June? 

Well, let me tell you.  Gracia has a cousin who is only 7 months younger than her and as Gracia is an only child and Millie is the 6th child there was a lot of clothes passed backwards and forwards. Things that were passed to Gracia from her older cousins and then back for Millie to wear and things that were bought for Gracia and passed on to Millie when she had outgrown them. Like most mothers there were precious things that I would never pass on but are kept in a box as they have special meaning.

If I had to grab just one thing from this box it would be Gracia's first pair of shoes. She was more of a thinker than a mover when she was little, even the health visitor said that she thought we had a bright one.  She loved to sit and look at books, sit and be chatted to, sit to be read to or anything else that involved sitting and not moving.  In fact, she was 13 months before she started to crawl, well why would she need to when there were plenty of adults at her beck and call? 

Once she discovered the art of crawling it was not quick enough for her and six weeks later she was running around and I took her to buy her first shoes.  In my imagination, they would be white with pink bows and so girly and pretty.  In the end we could only get black. They didn't last for long and very soon we were in the realms of proper and expensive hard soled shoes but I do still so love these little black and purple ones.  

Gracia entered a life long love of shoes at an very young age and even as a small child had very strong opinions of what shoes she was prepared to wear.  I used to dread shoe shopping as it would involve going to every shoe shop in town until the perfect pair was found, never in the first shop and always in the last.  We should have known what it was going to be like,  as the first time she strung two words together was on a shoe shopping expedition, when she very proudly announced ' New Thews!'

Reasons to be cheerful

1.  Getting these lovely little shoes out and just by touching them remembering my darling girl when she first wore them.

2. Then remembering the story of Mum, The Shoe Shop and The Busker - a tale for another day but I am still chuckling about it.

3. Gracia and her vast shoe collection are home for the summer on Tuesday. 

Why don't you pop on over to Sian's blog to read about other bloggers precious things for June?



Amy said...

Karen, I've kept a couple of pairs of shoes too - they are such precious little reminders!

I love the flower cluster you made! I have my kids first shoes ... they all wore the same pair!!! LOL

Louise said...

I have first shoes from my three too! A lovely story and I like how this story has reminded you of another - look forward to hearing that one too x

debs14 said...

This post makes me want to go up in the loft and find Rachel and Jon's first ones! By the time they grew out of the first pair, Rachel's are pristine patent and Jon's are scuffed and tatty with the colour all worn off the toes. Some things never change!
Lovely story and oh how I love those flowers, please let them turn up on an EK class layout sometime soon ;-)

Jo said...

Great story and a lovely precious. I also have my daughter's first pair of shoes :)

Sian said...

Me, too Deb! Such a lovely post and it makes me want to go and look out our two's first shoes as well. TSO's first ones were brown and not very pretty. I had to wait a couple of turns before she got a little red pair of Mary Janes!

A brilliant Precious.

Sheena said...

What a lovely story Karen beautifully told & recorded on this stunning layout x

Jane said...

those first shoes are always special, I wish I'd kept them now, thanks for sharing your story.

jeanie g said...

Lovely story and love the page you made about Gracia's New Thews!

Jennie Hart said...

Such a great story and I love new thews :D Baby shoes are just adorable.

Beautiful layout, that flower cluster is gorgeous.

That is such a pretty page - those flowers are lovely. I like the title, I can hear the lisp when I read it.

scrappyjacky said...

My daughter has a similar love of shoes.

Alison said...

I kept Stuart's first tiny 'soft' shoes, but oddly enough didn't keep Kirsty's!
Alison xx

Melissa said...

A wonderful story to share for Storytelling Sunday. I just had to smile at her first words being New Thews!! I don't have any of my baby things, however we do have my hubby's first pair of shoes in with his family memorabilia. I'll have to remember to ask his mom if she has any memories that I could record for him.

Beautiful layout and such a sweet story

Jennie said...

Sadly I don't have my little one's first shoes - a lovely story - thank you for sharing. J x

Sandie said...

Wow, Karen - that flower cluster is impressive!! Love the story of the shoes and glad Gracia will soon be home. Have fun together x

I'm not sure what is more precious - those adorable little shoes, the gorgeous layout, or your touching story. I loved this post, Karen!

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This is soooo sweet. I have a box of clothes for each of the kids with things I couldn't bear to part with. I lvoe your story.

S said...

Lovely page and story - and shame on you for teasing us about a funny one without sharing it!

Becky said...

Lovely story and a great page too x

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of women who can claim a fascination with anything "shoes," but I doubt many of them started as young as your Gracia.

Angelfish said...

A lovely tale and, like others have said, I'm now wanting to go and hunt out those tiny first pairs of shoes.