Sunshiny Day

10:23 Karen 9 Comments

Another page in response to one of the prompts from this wonderful class. This time it was to use a grid. So once again I pulled out bits and pieces that 'sort of ' went together and worked out where I wanted them to go.

We have a little stationers in our town, it is very small and an independant shop, in fact the only time I can get there is on a Saturday and he closes at 1pm so I have to be quick! I was quick enough yesterday and when I went in, supposidly for card for work, I just had to have a little look in his craft section. I found a Papermania decopage kit that was seaside based and thought that it would be ideal for my layout. 

I decided on and cut out all the components yesterday, and stuck it together this morning - I had chosen everything on the page around a photo of Gracia and Josh at the beach but at the very last moment changed the photo for one that I liked better!  A woman of great indecision - that's me.

Also as I am taking part in Rinda's Photo Scavinger hunt I was delighted to find a woman dressed as a Windmill yesterday - how random is that?


Reasons to be cheerful

1.  A day of cleaning the house and cutting and sticking, yesterday, what more could a girl want - ok I admit it a day of just cutting and sticking and putting up with an untidy house would be better but I have to get a bit of cleaning done occasionally and I do like the end results.

2.  Kids still having a wonderful time in Turkey - that girl of mine cracks me up as she is way too old for her years.  They went on a midnight boat trip and she complained that it was ruined by rubbish pop music blasting out all the way!

3.  I can feel an afternoon of crafting coming on - designing the class for July's crop.  Look out scissors and herma here I come .



scrappyjacky said...

Love how you've used the kit to build up a page, makes it all work together so well.
And how perfect is that photo....what's the betting no-one else on the hunt is going to have one like that!!

debs14 said...

I love, love, love that page!
I'm a huge fan of beach huts and I love that element on the layout. You are truly the queen of layering!

Cheri said...

Great layout! And that photo... priceless... and truly random!

Rachel B said...

Love your page Karen, especially the cute little houses :)

Jo.C said...

Brilliant windmill woman. Love the beach huts too x

Becky said...

Lovely layout and the windmill lady is really strange!

Grids are one of my favorite ways to create a layout. I haven't done much with Jennifer's class (yet).
I love, love, love your windmill!!!

Sandie said...

That's a lovely page Karen, glad you are enjoying the course.
And I have photo envy of that windmill picture - how original is that!! What a lucky find :)

Alison said...

Loving that windmill pic!....and a great layout as always!
Alison xx