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08:13 Karen 9 Comments

Well, its the summer hols again and I have my lovely girl home until September. Mission is to, like last year, try to have a harmonious time without too much bickering, we accomplished this last year and I wonder if we can make it two in a row?

When Gracia came back on Tuesday she had recently sat her first year medical exams and was waiting for the results with trepidation as she feared she had not done well. In fact, we were banned from mentioning it!  Part of the exam was to take someone's blood pressure and she had failed to do this as she was unable to get the cuff to inflate.  She also felt that she hadn't done very well on the written part of the exam.  We assured her not to worry as she could resit in August and she would have the whole of the summer to revise.  

Well, Thursday came and I got a phone call to say not only had she passed but she had passed with a merit AND she had gotten 85% on the Blood Pressure test and 100% on CPR (useful girl to know if you have a heart attack I would say).  

As always, the stress was unnecessary as she always underestimates her own abilities and intelligence.  

Reasons to be cheerful:

1.  Gracie is back for the Summer, albeit that she is going to Turkey for a fortnight today.

2. She is well set up for her second year Meds.

3. A day off work, even though I have to take Gracia and Josh to the airport (opportunity for a photo for Rinda's Photo Scavenger Hunt) Gracia has promised to get up early to help me clean and tidy the house before she goes.



Cheri said...

My younger two are home for the Summer and already driving me insane with their teenager ways of sleeping late and leaving their "stuff" everywhere! Here's to hoping we all survive the summer happily!

Sian said...

Great news!

debs14 said...

Clever girl! You must all be relieved to be able to enjoy your summer without the dreaded revision hanging over you.

How lovely to have your girl home! I know this makes you oh-so-happy! And congrats to her on doing so well on her exams. She is one smart cookie!

Alison said...

I'm sure you will manage 'two in a row'!...and. well done to your very clever daughter! great layout by the way
Alison xx

scrappyjacky said...

Hope this summer is as happy as last!

What a great photo and wonderful layout.

Sandie said...

It's lovely to have your girl home for the holidays even if she is jetting straight of for a bit. Who can blame her?!

Becky said...

Excellent news!