What a Difference!

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Well, we all know I am a sucker for a good class and what a good class this one is. I came across it on Jacky's blog and just had to join in. An absolute bargain for only £10.00! 

Projects that WOW! Online class at Jennifer Grace Creates

I have been meaning to rescrap a page that I had made in 2007 - especially as it was a page made in desperation and after a really big argument - to explain to a 13 year old Gracia why we were 'ruining her life'! I wanted to remind myself how fractious and fraught the summer holidays used to be and how lovely it was last summer with a 19 year old Gracia and both of us trying to keep the peace. I also wanted to be encouraged to focus again this summer on walking away from potentially explosive situations and to try to turn my back on the mum and daughter conflicts that arise from two feisty and independent women being in the same house for 12 weeks. 

This page fitted in perfectly to the prompt to scrap something soulful and so I pulled out the old layout (I am embarrassed at how many albums of layouts I have, even though tore apart and threw out loads not long ago, and how long it took me to find it - I am not a chronological scrapper and my layouts are not even put in albums next to ones made at the same time.  I usually just find a space and shove carefully place it in).  

I cut the title from black card out using my Silhouette and as luck would have it remembered that the font I had used then was called Coventry Garden and so it was easy to find and download again.  I also used the perforation feature of the Silhouette to cut journaling lines onto the black card. I then backed it onto white card.  I took the plunge and wrote my journaling by hand and had to change it around a little as I made a mistake and wrote some words in the wrong order.  I repeated the technique of using a shape instead of full stops at the end of each sentence.

I then went into layering mania - for the prompt Ultra Dimension.  It felt quite liberating to layer to the max and some of the pieces have three layers of foam pads underneath them.  I just pulled loads of bits and pieces out from my stash and shuffled them around until I was happy. I used the same photo and just cropped and flipped it.  I may reprint the photo as I am not sure I like the word 'love' so close to Gracia's chin. 

I really like how my style has changed in the last 7 years and like how it is constantly evolving with the help of fabulous classes, taught by such talented ladies, like this one by Jennifer Grace.

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1.  Blog friends who recommend such gems of classes.

2.  My girl and her boy are having a fabulous time in Turkey.

3.  Facebook and a hotel with internet so that she can keep in touch and send the odd funny photo and message.  How I love that little comedian of ours  xxx



Amy said...

It's is great to see how things have changed, style wise and yet it still remains essentially yours.
The best classes always come through recommendation, I find!

Sandie said...

That's a great post Karen. I love you our style changes and develops over time, you chose well to do this page again and it was also a reminder that your last summer was what you hoped for. Love the idea of using icons instead of stops, and as for layering - well, that is so Karen!!
I signed up for this course too. I have not done anything yet other than read the wonderful prompts that Jennifer sends but they are all being appreciated. And I will use them one day!

scrappyjacky said...

I love both these pages,Karen....and love seeing how your style has changed over the years. I always think of you as the queen of embellishments....and love all your layering on this page.
I'm sure G can smile reading this page now....I've heard the 'you're ruining my life' and 'everybody else is allowed to do it' a few times as well!!
This class is just great,isn't it?

Alison said...

I have just signed up on your own and Jacky's recommendations too! It's interesting to see how our styles have developed...your embellishment cluster is fab!
Alison xx

Louise said...

I loved your first page...but your second page is stunning. How we change over time eh! Your journalling is perfect and i'm sure it is what most, if not every parent goes through. I can hear myself saying to my 14 year old some of the things you have said to Gracia x

This looks Fantastic! I love the dark background with white writing (what white pen did you use? It looks so sharp!), and the ultra-dimension layering looks beautiful. My favourite bit is the hearts separating the sentences though - genius! It really supports your theme! x

P.S. Thanks so much for blogging about the class, I'm so pleased you're enjoying it! x

Denise said...

What a great post.I love the way you make yours so interesting- and the class sounds fab xxx

Denise said...
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Sandra said...

Oh it's absoutly gorgeous ... Now I'm wishing I had signed up for the class

Rachel B said...

What a great idea! I love both layouts but think its fab to see your style evolve :)