Enough is Enough!

10:43 Karen 5 Comments

Having tried to log on to The Old Reader once again and finding it down once more I have had enough!  After some investigation I have decided to try InoReader - not one I had heard of but when I looked at it the deciding factor for me was that you can comment from the reader and don't have to switch to the relevant blog to comment - much better when you just want a quick five minutes blog hopping.  I have had to manually add the blogs I read and have listed below the ones I have added.  If I usually comment on your blog and have left you off please let me know and I will add you.

Hoping your Sunday is a wonderful one x



Alison said...

I have just discovered that I haven't visited you since last Storytelling Sunday...my HUGEST apologies!...had a lovely catch up now...it was lovely to see the pics ofNewcastle and Tynemouth...hope you enjoy the rest of your time with Gracia!
Alison xx

Cheri said...

I'm going to have to check out your new reader of choice. Old Reader is back up, but is so flaky! I think it is kind of funny that you can use the .uk extension and it still takes you to my blog!

Denise said...

Yes, I think i will have to check it out too- I don't normally read blogs by reader but it sounds very organised xxx

Sian said...

Hi Karen..thanks for the tip about another new reader to try. I've tried BLoglovin and now I'm having a go with Feedly, but still not as happy as I was with Google Reader so I'll be checking this one out too!

Susanne said...

I feel your pain with The Old Reader, I was hoping they would work through their problems, but it seems that have resigned themselves to throwing in the towel mostly. I might have a go at Inoreader, thanks for the tip about being able to comment from the reader. But I have a much longer list than yours, so I don't look forward to having to enter them manually. PS I know we normally only touch base for Storytelling Sunday, but I hope you'll add me in too.