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20:46 Karen 7 Comments

Having just read Deb's moment and read Amy's this morning I thought that right this minute would be the perfect time to join in. 

 I am sitting on the back doorstep hoping that my laptop battery will last just a little longer. 

A gentle breeze is cooling my face which is still warm from the 2 mile walk I took Kiera on after supper.  My tummy is  satisfyingly full from the meal of delicious Fajitas, cooked by Gracia,  an added bonus of her being home from uni.  I think back to the sublime day we spent together yesterday and decide I must take more occasional days off work when she is home.  I cannot believe how quiet and still it is here the only sound is Kiera panting and the occasional crow squawking and my tapping on the laptop keys.  This is usually my time for surfing the net and blog hopping and I have just been reminded of when many of us met up in March from Deb Turtle's post.  I feel surrounded by a sense of peace and well being and am deciding if I really ought to pop back inside now and make a cup of tea - decide that I will and breath in the cool evening air one last time.

This post was brought to you in response to Alexa's Simply a Moment.

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1.  Days spent with my gorgeous girlie.

2.  Evening walks with Kiera.

3.  Connecting and staying connected via the internet.



Cheri said...

Sounds like a lovely moment Karen!

scrappyjacky said...

Sounds the perfect end to the day.

Amy said...

Karen, your moment is full of sounds and smells for me - a great summer night.

I love your moment full of happy memories.

debs14 said...

A beautifully told moment, I could imagine the sights and sounds perfectly.

Aw! So sweet, Karen. I just popped over here to catch up and was surprised when I read my very own name within your lovely moment. I am so touched. I loved working on that mini-book and remembering how special our time together was! Have a lovely weekend!

Becky said...

A lovely moment :-)