LSNED Sept 19

06:43 Karen 1 Comments

Today I came home to a pile of Gracia's packing in the lounge. Something we all knew was due to happen but something we all were hating the thought of. Tomorrow she goes back to Newcastle :0(

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. We have had a fantastic summer together, having adventures and doing lots of family things.

2.  Gracia is looking forward to seeing her friends from uni.

3.  She will be home again at the end of October.



LSNED Sept 16, Sept 17 & Sept 18

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I realised how much I love working with my Rainbow pack after 8 weeks holiday. We now have 20 with 5 new ones joining this week. We spent most of the meeting learning the new Rainbow Promise. 

I have made a point of having a proper cooked breakfast every day for the last month. It has really made a difference to my snacking habits and I can easily manage until lunch time now without any biscuits or chocolate. 

We have always Skyped Gracia when she is in Newcastle but now it is one of the ways Eileen and I communicate. We still miss each other but this makes it almost like having her across the table. We make cups of tea and drink them together just like old times


Reasons to be cheerful:-

1.  That I am privileged to work with the Rainbows and that all the new girls are so lovely, well in fact all my girls are lovely.

2.  Returning to work after a break without too much of a backlog.

3.  A lovely cup of tea and chat with Eileen.



LSNED Sept 15

07:30 Karen 5 Comments

I can think of no better way to spend a Sunday than baking with Gracia.

Sun Dried Tomato and Mozzarella bread, Grape and Stilton flat breads, Goats Cheese and Red Pepper Muffins, Cheese and Plain Scones, Bakewell Tarts, Lime and Lemon Meringue Pies, Mini Victoria Sandwiches and Rose and Blueberry Cupcakes.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1.  Spending a delightful day with David and Gracia.

2.  Spending a delightful evening with Josh and his family.

3.  Looking forward to Rainbows.



LSNED Sept 14

22:54 Karen 2 Comments

Sometimes when you are looking 
for a birthday card you find the perfect one.
The card for Josh's 21st Birthday.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1.  That I was able to totally blitz my house and it now looks nice and tidy.

2.  Finding time to do a little scrapbooking.

3.  Buying the perfect card and being reminded that I need to strive to live the life that I imagined.



Hello, hello, hello - I'm back!

20:36 Karen 5 Comments

Well, I am back after a few days away with my lovely family at Centerparcs Eleveden! We had a fabulous time and all agreed that it was even better (something we didn't think possible) this time!

LSNED Sept 9

No matter how old you are, 
a giant swing and someone to play on it with 
is just too much to resist!

LSNED Sept 10

Trying something new is good. 
I wanted to do a Zumba class and Gracia 
wanted to try Hoolahoop-a-cise.  Even though I was convinced I wouldn't be able to do it.  I was proved wrong and had a wonderful time.

LSNED Sept 11

 When the four of us are together our sole aim is to have as much fun as possible and to make each other laugh - hamming it up for the camera!

 LSNED Sept 12
 It really is irrelevant where they are sleeping - their bedroom always ends up with a floordrobe and looks such a mess!

 LSNED Sept 13
 Josh is the nearest thing to a son that David has 
and the time they have spent together this week 
has cemented their friendship.  
They are both united in their unfailing love for Gracia.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1.  I love my family of four (plus Kiera).

2. Despite the wet weather we had such a good time and all got on so well.

3.  Making plans for our next family holiday!



LSNED Sept 8

07:30 Karen 6 Comments

I should look when I come down the stairs and not rely on counting them in my head as sometimes I get distracted and miss count and end up tumbling as I think I have reached the bottom when I have one more to go

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1.  I have only bruised myself in several places (quite bizarrely I have a very bruised stomach - perhaps it sticks out so far it hit the ground first)! 

2. I had a Dr in training to assess the damage and diagnose me as fit enough to go and do the ASDA shop.

3.  Gracia and I were able to laugh at the fact that she described the noise I made when I fell sounding like the noise from one of Kiera's squeaky toys.


LSNED Sept 7

21:18 Karen 1 Comments

The first Saturday of the month is my favourite Saturday 
A day spent in good company doing the craft that I love. 

Reasons to be cheerful:

1.  That Eileen timed her visit from Scotland to co-inside with the crop.

2.  That my mini book class was well receied.

3.  That I got to spend a lovely day with a great bunch of lovely women.



LSNED Sept 6

06:33 Karen 3 Comments

That when these three are in the house it resounds with laughter and giggles. 
I love that Gracia's two best friends are like have additional daughters and they feel so at home here. 

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1. A day off work to do with as I please.

2.  Listening to the girls chatter and laughter.

3. Knowing that, if I wanted to, they would welcome me to their little chick flick party.


LSNED Sept 5

12:48 Karen 3 Comments

Sometimes, when I wake at 3am and can't get to sleep again,  I have to call on my tried and tested way of getting through the next day 
- stimulation drinks and chocolate!

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. When I have a busy day at work and I am really tired I have the means to survive!

2.  Being the only one in the office today - no one to annoy me because when I am tired I don't suffer fools gladly.

3.  An early night to catch up on lost sleep.



LSNED Sept 4

07:19 Karen 3 Comments

Sometimes an evening at the cinema watching a chick flick with your best bud,
 daughter and her best bud is just what you need. Fabulous film, 
fabulous company and fabulous time had by all afterwards.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1.  Friends who suggest going to the cinema mid week.

2.  Films that are heartwarming and put a smile on your face.

3.  Sitting at home eating berries and cream and putting the world to rights afterwards.




06:23 Karen 5 Comments

I had thought that October was the month for Teal Toenails but on seeing Deb's post today realised that in fact September is the month.  So I now have Team Teal Tootsies in support of Marti and her gallant fight against ovarian cancer. 

Reasons to be cheerful:

1.  That we can show support to our friends overseas in many little ways.

2.  That there are people in the world like Deb who have a mission to educate people about this hateful illness.

3.  The marvel of social networking which means we can keep up to date with friends both far and near. 



LSNED Sept 2

21:20 Karen 6 Comments

To come home from work to a meal that has been specially prepared for you 
is one of life's little pleasures.

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1.  A daughter that can rustle up a delicious meal in next to no time.

2. A husband who takes said daughter's friend to the station so that I can have an early night.

3. A nice hot bath with lots of bubbles.



LSNED - Sept 1

07:28 Karen 5 Comments

How silly to think I could resist LSNED. As soon as Shimelle's e-mail dropped into my inbox I started planning and before I knew it I had a photo in mind and the journaling written!

Reasons to be cheerful:

1.  That I am prepared to admit defeat and give in to the seduction of Shimelle's e-emails and take on LSNED once again.

2. That I have so much stash that I was able to put together a simple kit that I can take on holiday and not have to worry about taking too much stash.

3.  An album can be made from one set of 6 x 6 papers, some matching flowers and buttons, white 6 x 4 filing cards, coloured 5 x 3 journaling cards, some fabric brads (not sure if I am going to use those)  and a bit of imagiation!  Also an added reason to be cheerful - taking photos on my phone but more about that in another post.



All Girls are Princesses

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I cannot believe that it's been a whole month since my last blog post - where has the time gone?

So it's time for Sian's Story Telling Sunday once again when a group of bloggers get together to tell tales from far and near.  Pop over to her blog to see who has joined in this month and the tales they have to tell.  All this year we are telling about our precious things - the things you would save first in an emergency, if you had the opportunity to.

My precious this month laid forgotten on the bottom shelf of Gracia's book case for many, many years but I suddenly remembered it when so many stories were about books last month.

My precious is a book, which is over 100 years old and belonged to my Nana when she was a girl, it is very battered and has pages that are loose and some are missing.  There is the brown sticky evidence of attempted repair with sticky tape and also on the back page evidence of a toddler's scribble!  

This is the first book I can remember reading independantly, although I must have read others prior to this one as I wasn't a child genius who read complicated stories at a young age.  It was also the first proper book that David read to Gracia when she was three.  Up until she was 13 or 14 (don't let her know I told you this) he would read to her for an hour each night.  They have enjoyed many, many books from classics to modern literature.  When Gracia was three having read all the Mr Men and Little Miss books to her and having become thoroughly bored with three year old literature he asked me if I had anything more interesting to read.  I fished out this book and he read it to her, stopping to explain words she didn't understand or to discuss what was happening in the story.  I firmly believe that this book gave her the same life long love of reading that it gave to me.  

So although it is very battered and worn the illustrations are still beautiful and the story is timeless.  It has a lasting effect on me as I still firmly believe 'All girls are princesses', and when she was a little girl, I spent many happy hours making Gracia and her best doll matching outfits!

A huge thank you to my Nana for giving it to me and to David for reading it to Gracia.  They never looked back after reading this and went on to read The Secret Garden and many, many other stories and never again read a Mr Men book or anything like it.  

By the way when Gracia started school her teacher was amazed at her vocabulary and I have no doubt that this was all down to David and his love of reading quality fiction to her.

Reasons to be Cheerful:-

1.  That all three of us have a deep seated love of reading.

2. Now you may be surprised at this one - the invention of Kindles as now I can take as many books as I want with me and carry mine in my handbag all the time so I can read when I have a spare 5 minutes.

3. That I remembered this book as it has brought back so many happy childhood memories.

If you have enjoyed reading this, even if you haven't, I suggest you may like to pop on over to Sian's blog to read about other peoples adventures with their precious items.