All Girls are Princesses

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I cannot believe that it's been a whole month since my last blog post - where has the time gone?

So it's time for Sian's Story Telling Sunday once again when a group of bloggers get together to tell tales from far and near.  Pop over to her blog to see who has joined in this month and the tales they have to tell.  All this year we are telling about our precious things - the things you would save first in an emergency, if you had the opportunity to.

My precious this month laid forgotten on the bottom shelf of Gracia's book case for many, many years but I suddenly remembered it when so many stories were about books last month.

My precious is a book, which is over 100 years old and belonged to my Nana when she was a girl, it is very battered and has pages that are loose and some are missing.  There is the brown sticky evidence of attempted repair with sticky tape and also on the back page evidence of a toddler's scribble!  

This is the first book I can remember reading independantly, although I must have read others prior to this one as I wasn't a child genius who read complicated stories at a young age.  It was also the first proper book that David read to Gracia when she was three.  Up until she was 13 or 14 (don't let her know I told you this) he would read to her for an hour each night.  They have enjoyed many, many books from classics to modern literature.  When Gracia was three having read all the Mr Men and Little Miss books to her and having become thoroughly bored with three year old literature he asked me if I had anything more interesting to read.  I fished out this book and he read it to her, stopping to explain words she didn't understand or to discuss what was happening in the story.  I firmly believe that this book gave her the same life long love of reading that it gave to me.  

So although it is very battered and worn the illustrations are still beautiful and the story is timeless.  It has a lasting effect on me as I still firmly believe 'All girls are princesses', and when she was a little girl, I spent many happy hours making Gracia and her best doll matching outfits!

A huge thank you to my Nana for giving it to me and to David for reading it to Gracia.  They never looked back after reading this and went on to read The Secret Garden and many, many other stories and never again read a Mr Men book or anything like it.  

By the way when Gracia started school her teacher was amazed at her vocabulary and I have no doubt that this was all down to David and his love of reading quality fiction to her.

Reasons to be Cheerful:-

1.  That all three of us have a deep seated love of reading.

2. Now you may be surprised at this one - the invention of Kindles as now I can take as many books as I want with me and carry mine in my handbag all the time so I can read when I have a spare 5 minutes.

3. That I remembered this book as it has brought back so many happy childhood memories.

If you have enjoyed reading this, even if you haven't, I suggest you may like to pop on over to Sian's blog to read about other peoples adventures with their precious items.



What a precious book to have from your grandmother. Is there anything more wonderful than sharing a book with your children. I was very sad when the day came that mine no longer needed me to read them. Although it was a good while after they could do it for themselves!

Katherine said...

What a beautiful story, I love books too, tho don't read that much other than on holiday now. I love it that both my kids love to hear stories read to them. Beautiful page too I love the newsprint flowers .

debs14 said...

What a lovely story. A love of books is so precious. We read to both of our children equally, yet whereas J is an avid reader and has bookcases groaning under the weight of his collection - R has not picked up a book since finishing her English Literature GCSE!
Kindles are brilliant aren't they? But I did still take 2 paper books on holiday with me - in case of battery malfunctions or some other catastrophe!

Ladkyis said...

As long as there are a few people in the world who read to their children, well, there is hope for mankind. I love my kindle too even though I always have a paper book on the go too because I am a bookcrosser. We also have a free bookshop near us

Jen said...

I love your story - that really is a precious book. My mum read to me until I was 14 - I read to my children - I rarely read recently - but do have a book for upcoming holiday. Thanks for sharing such a lovely story. Jen x

Sheena said...

Karen x What a precious this book from your Grandmother is x
I don't have a Kindle but use the kindle app on my ipad, I too love how you can grab a few minutes to read using these gadgets.

Oh I love the flowers you've created for your LO and the illustrations from that book. Reading to kids is something I realise I miss at the moment - without it I'm also not reading as much.

Abi said...

Lovely book. It is one of my favourites. My parents read to me each night for many many years and I really do think that it instilled a love of reading in me.

Sian said...

What Ladkyis said! I used to love to read to my two: proud when they could do it for themselves, but a bit sad too. It's a beautiful story and a beautiful page. Funny, I was making fringed flowers with book pages the other day and now I'm looking at these and liking them much more :)

Sandra said...

What a precious book and a precious gift your grandmother has passed onto her family

Mitralee said...

THAT is a great book! So nice it was part of your family history! Thanks for sharing this with us!



Becky said...

I love that story! How wonderful to have such a precious copy. I love your layout too :)

Cheri said...

I remember reading to all three girls when they were little - Dr. Seuss and Eric Carle and others - but it kind of fell off once they started school. Until Harry Potter came along. And I read those books (at least the first three) together with Sarah - out loud, taking turns. Being American and unfamiliar with a lot of the names, we truly botched the pronunciation of several - especially Hermione (we said her-me-own) - and didn't know until the movies came out! Sarah also got heavily into fan fiction writing at that time.

Melissa said...

What a wonderful treasure to have - the book itself and the memories and the fact that he has led to a love of reading! Perfect precious - thanks for sharing!

Amy said...

Reading with the children is one of my favourite things to do - our kids both love it!

Mel said...

What a great memory to have. I love the butterflies on the layout.

Wow - I LOVE the layout you've posted here, Karen! Love, love, LOVE! Your story is so sweet and I agree that reading to young children helps to build their vocabulary. I read to Carrie as an infant and she developed a strong and varied vocabulary at an early age as well.

Karen said...

What a lovely layout, and even lovelier story! My father was still reading aloud to me in my 40's!

Jo said...

A lovely story and a special precious x