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I had thought that October was the month for Teal Toenails but on seeing Deb's post today realised that in fact September is the month.  So I now have Team Teal Tootsies in support of Marti and her gallant fight against ovarian cancer. 

Reasons to be cheerful:

1.  That we can show support to our friends overseas in many little ways.

2.  That there are people in the world like Deb who have a mission to educate people about this hateful illness.

3.  The marvel of social networking which means we can keep up to date with friends both far and near. 



Amy said...

Ahh, such a clearer shot of the sandals here ... like them even more now!

I might join the teal toes, too!

Hooray! Thanks so much, Karen. I love that you have joined in with teal toes, and I know my mom would be very pleased as well.

PS: I'm a big fan of those sandals too!
PSS: I added a comment to your Instagram to include the hashtag #tealtoesformarti but it's not showing up in the feed. Maybe because I'm not the owner of the photo? Could you please try to add the hashtag to your photo by way of an additional comment and see if that works? Thanks, Karen! xo

Ruth said...

Isn't it lovely to know that we are part of a worldwide Teal Toes Club?! Absolutely adore your sandals!

Sian said...

Your sandals are pretty and your cause a fine one. Good post!