LSNED Sept 16, Sept 17 & Sept 18

07:43 Karen 0 Comments

I realised how much I love working with my Rainbow pack after 8 weeks holiday. We now have 20 with 5 new ones joining this week. We spent most of the meeting learning the new Rainbow Promise. 

I have made a point of having a proper cooked breakfast every day for the last month. It has really made a difference to my snacking habits and I can easily manage until lunch time now without any biscuits or chocolate. 

We have always Skyped Gracia when she is in Newcastle but now it is one of the ways Eileen and I communicate. We still miss each other but this makes it almost like having her across the table. We make cups of tea and drink them together just like old times


Reasons to be cheerful:-

1.  That I am privileged to work with the Rainbows and that all the new girls are so lovely, well in fact all my girls are lovely.

2.  Returning to work after a break without too much of a backlog.

3.  A lovely cup of tea and chat with Eileen.