Missing my Geordie Lass

22:40 Karen 5 Comments

Having skyped her this evening I am really missing my 'Geordie Lass' but she is home for a flying visit next weekend - the weekend I am away at ATDML retreat! Not very good planning, but it is David's mum's 80th birthday and she is coming home for the family meal.

Reasons to be cheerful: 

1.  She is happy and loving her course.

2. She never complains about the 5 hour+ train journey home and then the same back.

3. We will get to spend Saturday evening together with the rest of the family at the meal and she promises to come and see me at the hotel before she goes home on Sunday.  



Hello - I'm back!

15:53 Karen 5 Comments

Hello old friend. Welcome home. I've missed you xxx

Reasons to be cheerful :-

1.  Simon the PC doctor

2.  Being able to catch up on my blog reading.

3.  Pledging to blog a little and often - we will have to see how that goes :0D


Everyday Memories

08:06 Karen 19 Comments

I know that most scrapbookers have a camera or two as it is one of the essential 'tools of the trade'.  I have my Fuji bridge camera, my phone and my little Lumix.  This is the story of my Lumix which I have saved until this month to tell.

You see my dad passed away four years ago on Tuesday and my Lumix belonged to him.  He and Mum had planned a holiday in the Italian Lakes - something they had wanted to do for a long time and he bought a new camera to record their adventure.  They had the most wonderful time and although Mum thought he seemed more tired than usual, they did all they had planned to do.  They returned home early on a Thursday morning and he decided to play golf later in the day, and as luck would have it his best friend was also free to join him. They played 18 holes (something he had not felt like doing for a long time), he came home and had his favourite meal for supper (lovingly cooked by Mum as a thank you for the fabulous holiday) and fell asleep in the chair whilst eagerly waiting for Strictly Come Dancing's - It Takes Two, a must see in his opinion.  Sadly, he never woke up but what a way to go, having spent the previous week on your dream holiday and spending the afternoon playing the sport you love, with you tummy full of good food and the anticipation of one of your favourite tv programmes! 

Now, don't get me wrong, I am sad my Dad died but am so glad it was the way it was, having seen the anguish and suffering that long and drawn out illnesses cause for those who have to witness them.  Mum gave me his camera the following Christmas and after I had taken a few photos, I reviewed them only to find that all the ones from their holiday were on the camera too. A bonus Christmas present from my Dad.  So my 'little' camera was a present that gave me pleasure on that Christmas Day and continues to give me immense pleasure, almost every day.

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