Missing my Geordie Lass

22:40 Karen 5 Comments

Having skyped her this evening I am really missing my 'Geordie Lass' but she is home for a flying visit next weekend - the weekend I am away at ATDML retreat! Not very good planning, but it is David's mum's 80th birthday and she is coming home for the family meal.

Reasons to be cheerful: 

1.  She is happy and loving her course.

2. She never complains about the 5 hour+ train journey home and then the same back.

3. We will get to spend Saturday evening together with the rest of the family at the meal and she promises to come and see me at the hotel before she goes home on Sunday.  



scrappyjacky said...

Isn't that type of 'clash' just typical!!

Alison said...

Love seeing the quayside unexpectedly!...I am seeing Kirsty at the weekend..she's travelling up to mum and dad's to meet me.....am SO looking forward to seeing her!..have a fun weekend!
Alison xx

A great photo and fantastic layout, Karen. Sorry to hear that this weekend's trip is a bit of poor timing, but so happy to hear that your girl will still be able to fit time in for a hug or two from you!

Sandra said...

Why is it that everything happens at once. Enjoy the retreat

alexa said...

That is such a lovely page and photo - we visited Newcastle a few years ago and I loved that bridge and the the city. I like your little 'pocket' on the page. How lovely to have your daughter home even if it's just for a little.Hope you all have a lovely time.