Belle for Debs

07:33 Karen 5 Comments

When I saw the photo of Carrie dressed as Belle on Debs blog a little while ago I remembered that I had a photo of Gracia dressed in a Belle outfit that I had made also. I promised to email Deb the photo and promptly forgot. 

Yesterday I remembered but alas I can't find the original photo and as it was taken before I had a digital camera I have (puts fingers in ears waiting for the screeches of protest) ripped this one off an old layout and scanned it! 

I was talking at a recent retreat - more about that in a later post, about how I pull my old layouts apart and sometimes save the embellishments and photos but throw out the remains. Most ladies were appalled! Do you do that or do you keep all your layouts. I have over 20 albums and some of the pages are no longer to my taste - I know it shows the evolution process of my scrapping but to me it is just taking up space. 

 Reasons to be cheerful:- 

1. Digital photography

2. Being reminded of happy memories by other blogs - Thanks Deb, I also scanned a couple of other photos I found to send to Gracia to make her giggle.

3. Planning another blog post in my head.  May even make it 2 today and with Story Telling Sunday tomorrow could make it three in two days!



Alison said...

Love the picture, far I haven't redone any pages, but there are a few I can think of without even looking that I know I would like to have another go at!
Alison xx

Sian said...

It's funny..I can remember reading a thread about re-doing pages on UKS, soon after I started scrapping and at that point the idea did completely scare me. Now, like Alison. I can think about "having another go" - I think that's a good way to put it. But I haven't done it yet

scrappyjacky said...

I must admit I never pull apart old layouts....but I do occasionally add to them....particularly I didn't do nearly enough journaling when I first started scrapbooking.
Although I don't particularly like some of my first layouts....I do like to see the evolution....and think it's quite important to keep them.

Amy said...

I've never redone a page - at the expense of getting rid of the original ... I have made two versions of a page before, though, with digi scrapping that is very easy to do!

Oh just look at your adorable little Belle! I love this, Karen. Thanks so much for sharing it {and so sorry that I hadn't seen it sooner than this}.

I had to smile at the thought of you pulling old layouts apart. I can't imagine that your layouts would have ever been something other than fabulous, but I suppose we all have to start somewhere. (haha) I would be very embarrassed to share our wedding "album" as it is VERY basic and nothing to brag about.

Anyway, thanks for sharing the photo of Gracia as Belle. I think she must have been about the same age as Carrie when she dressed the same. :o)