If Music Be The Food Of Love ........

08:37 Karen 15 Comments

I spent some time this week wondering what would be my precious for November. I thought while I was driving to work, while I was scrapping, while I was preparing dinner and all the time couldn't think what I would choose. I knew what I would use for December - something I had decided on many months ago and was saving especially for my last precious but what to use for November?

It then came to me - all the while I had been wondering what to choose it was there with me - my iPod.  I play it in the car, play it while I am cooking dinner, listen to it (on my cupcake shaped earphones, of course) while I am scrapping. In fact, if I needed to leave the house quickly I wouldn't have to look far to find it.

This is my second iPod nano.  My first was much larger and black, was a Christmas present from David.  He had had the back engraved (something you can do if you buy direct from Apple ) with 'Karen's iPod - both small and beautiful.'  

In the summer Apple ran a promotion where you could trade in old iPods for the iPod Nano 5.  I suspect that this model didn't sell as it is much smaller than the regular Nano and they now have later models.  Gracia sorted out the exchange and I am now in possession of this small but beautifully put together little number (David would still say - just like me, I  hope).  

So yes, I would be lost without it and it is very precious to me.

This post was brought to you in conjunction with Sian's Storytelling Sunday - I would suggest that it may be a lovely way to while away some Sunday time by popping over to her blog and investigating other people's precious things.

Hope your Sunday is a good one x

Reasons to be Cheerful:-

1. The sun is shining with the promise of a glorious day.

2. I am quite bizarrly looking forward to cleaning the house today.

3. My beautiful lilies that David bought me are now at their most magnificent and their scent fills the dining room x



Amy said...

I think there would be a lot of us out there who would have similar feelings Karen!
We have a segment here on radio, Friday afternoons, where the host plays something called 'Changing Tracks'. He was a correspondant in the UK for many years and says it is inspired by something similar there on radio ... any way, long story short, it is where people write in about a song that was playing when their life changed/they had a monumental thing happen etc. After listening to it all year I can say that music is indeed very powerful.

alexa said...

Thank-you for reminding me that the precious things might also be quite recent - I realised as I was reading how much I use and love my iPad :).

Sheena said...

Lovely story Karen x
You've got me thinking about the music in my life. I love to listen to the radio & hate that my Son changes the channel when he drives my car!

Sian said...

Small but beautifully put together - this I love! and you have put a smile on my face at the thought of you driving along this week, happily listening to music and thinking about today. Thanks for that :)

Great page too - those cupcakes definitely deserve to be recorded!

Melissa said...

Perfect choice for Storytelling Sunday - something that you use all the time! And such cute earphones!!

Jo said...

A great story, it's often the things that we have we us all the time that we don't actually see :) x

What a lovely engraving, glad the new ipod works as well and is so faithful in keeping you company.

debs14 said...

It's easy to overlook the everyday things when you think about this project isn't it? Those headphones are just perfect for you and I can so imagine you crafting away listening to your music! I wonder what is top of your playlist?

I love what your husband had engraved on the back.

Becky said...

I agree with Debs that it is quite easy to overlook the every day things which are precious to us. Love the earphones too!

Alison said...

What a great engraving...and I LOVE the earphones!
Alison xx

jeanie g said...

How sweet of your husband to have it engraved. Does it's successor have the same engraving? A perfect precious!

Cheri said...

I only ever had one of the smallest iPods with limited capabilities. And now I mostly listen to music at my computer or on the car radio. But I can totally see how indispensable it could be!

Sandie said...

Sometimes we can try to look too deeply at this and you are right, sometimes the very thing is under our nose! Happy listening Karen :)

This was a great choice for your precious this month, Karen. And I love your layout - love that you used "miTunes" as a title. Haha - so clever!