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07:26 Karen 9 Comments

On Tuesday, I had a doctors appointment at 10:20 - which I had forgotten about until I had left the house at 8am and driven half way to work (30 minutes) so had to turn around and go back home. Once home I had an hour and 20 minutes to kill so stripped the bed and put the washing on. What to do next? - a little blog hopping of course! 

The first blog I looked at was Louise's and she had been indulging in a little 20 20 scrapbooking.  I had seen this in JOT magazine and on Sians blog.  I was inspired .  We went to Disneyland Paris before I scrapbooked and I have never scrapped any of the photos from there but I was sent some 'Say Cheese' to design with this month and though I should get some of the photos scrapped.  

At the crop on Saturday, I had 1/2 hour to spare at the end when I didn't want to start a new page so spent 10 minutes laying some washi tape down on black card - another Pinterest idea. I used this for the base of my page so I set a 20 minute timer on my phone and during the first 20 minutes I chose and laid out all the elements. 

Over the next 20 minutes I stuck them down and added some journaling and finished the title and cut a little camera to pop dot over the printed one.


For the last 20 minutes - all that was left was to outline the title in white and cut out some more elements, shuffle them around and decide not to use them.

Apologies for the rubbish photos
 - too dark in the morning and too dark in the evening to get a decent photo.

If you take into consideration the time I took to lay down the wahsi tape this page did only take an hour to make - what a result! It just goes to show that David isn't correct when he says I waste time on the internet - it was very productive on Tuesday.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1.  Talented blog writers (thank you Louise)

2.  Extra time in the morning.

3. A new and quick way to scrapbook (thank you Sian)



Sian said...

Well, you are entirely welcome! What a lovely page that is - if you link it up to the Jot challenge page I know everyone will want to come and have a look.

I know - taking pictures of pages is driving me mad at the minute. It just seems so dark all the time

Cheri said...

great layout - love the washi tape background!

scrappyjacky said...

Great page....I love how the title pops.

Louise said...

ahhhh thank you Karen. I'm glad you finished your layout after leaving me a comment. The 20 20 challenge works well doesn't it....you have a super layout to show for it. Love the say cheese collection too xx

Sandie said...

That's a great page and I love challenges so this sounds right up my street!

Ruth said...

That's a lovely page and I think I'll be trying the washi tape on black card idea ~ very cool.
I also think that using a timer every now and again is usful, as it stops me from dithering too much and from over-thinking things!

Kim Archer said...

Hey Karen - THANK YOU for taking up Sian's challenge. Your layout looks excellent! We are featuring your layout next week on the Jot blog so keep an eye out! And thank you again. Kim Archer.

Haha - sounds like something I would do - forget about an appointment and have to back-track. Your layout is adorable though, so I'm happy for you that you got a little extra time for scrapping.

Have a great weekend!! xo

Susanne said...

Nice layout. I must try that 20-20-20, it would could down on my time per page a lot. Isn't found time like that heaven sent. Glad you made the best of it.