April - SIPIDI

13:16 Karen 11 Comments

Joining in once again with Fiona's See It, Pin It, Do It. I am really enjoying this meme and it has made me pull things off my Pinterest account and actually make them instead of just looking at them.  This month, not one, not two but three pins from my boards have been made!  But at the moment can only show you two.

It was Gracia's Birthday this month and whilst at a recent weekend retreat I used  this pin as inspiration

for her Birthday card. 

I also used this idea 

to make her birthday cake 

and then used it again a couple of days later to make a cake for her bestest best friend whose birthday is tomorrow - Happy Birthday Hannah x.

Just remembered - got the idea for how to do two coloured icing from Pinterest too!

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1.  Loving all kinds of making and baking at the moment.

2. Having Gracia home for four weeks.

3. The huge smile it gave me when I asked Gracia if she remembered singing Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah  when she was little and she said she did and that we sang it very loud and of course because we are Mosses we have to sing everything very loud!

Reason to be sad:-

Just dropped my lovely girl off at the station to go back to Newcastle after four glorious weeks spent as a happy family but not too long now until she comes back for the whole summer.  We were both in tears which is unusual for us and it seemed more of a wrench than normal :0(



debs14 said...

Love that card - love those cakes - and love how close your family are. These next few weeks will fly by and then she'll be home for longer x

scrappyjacky said...

Those cakes are wonderful,Karen.
The summer break will soon be here!!

Ruth said...

Those cards are incredible, and the cakes don't look too shabby either!

Cheri said...

Your potted cupcakes look absolutely delicious!

Oh, those bouquets of cupcakes are wonderful Karen. I have become slightly addicted to making those cards myself. I made a few at Christmas and several for birthdays since then. They always seem to be well received. Thanks so much for joining again this month. You are on the board now :o)

Sian said...

You have such a cake making talent!

Sandie said...

Love the idea of getting inspiration then showing what you did with it. Not seen this neme before.
I love the flower cakes you made, and the box card. I saw these at Ally Pally but haven't made one yet. Maybe I'll use yours as my inspiration!

Amy said...

You are so clever! Happy Birthday to your girl :)

Louise said...

You put your pins to good use this month. Card and cakes look awesome! x

I try really hard to avoid pinterest for fear of losing even more hours of my life to cyberspace, but I really like this meme.

KraftyKaren said...

Beautiful card and two stunning cakes - looks like you have had a good SIPIDI month!!