SIPIDI - May with a little left over from April

21:37 Karen 6 Comments

Ok this month you get two for the price of one!

I pinned and made this quilt square in April but couldn't show it as it was destined for DebTurtle in the US and when I did my last SIPIDI post she hadn't received it yet.  
 Two half triangles, check. One centered square with one corner triangle of the same fabric, check.  Butterfly block! 
I simplified the pattern as I was so out of the habit of sewing I wanted to make it as easy for myself as possible. 

 I also used Debs idea of a piece of knotted fabric as an accent on the and used a lenght of knotted velvet ribbon for the butterfly body.

For May I pinned this card and then made a layout using it as inspiration. 

Create with Connie & Mary #304 color challenge. Papillon Potpourri by Debbie Henderson, Debbie's Designs.
This is the second version and the first one had absolutely loads of butterflies at the bottom of the page and was on white card - I hated it!  I carefully cut around the strips and remounted them onto the blue card, dramatically reduced the number of butterflies and I do like it better but it is not one of my favourite pages but hey-ho you live and learn.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1.  Because I am joining in with a lot more monthly memes I am getting back into the blogging vibe.

2.  I enjoyed making the quilt square as I was unsure if I would regret not joining the friendship quilt group when I saw all the lovely swaps that were going on but after making this one know that I wouldn't have had the time or the inclination to make more than just the one!

3. Lessons learned that things don't always turn out as you think and taking the sensible decision about what you want to spend your spare time doing and what you would resent spending your spare time doing - more on this when I join in with Abi's 1 photo 20 words! 



Sian said...

The quilt square is beautiful - I love that very strokeable blue velvet ribbon

I love the quilt square you made. It doesn't seem simpler to me than the original, but I guess that's because I"m not a quilter! LOL!

I LOVE the quilt square you made for me, Karen. Love! It! :o) I was happy to see that you had pinned it because I re-pinned it and am thinking about doing a quilt for my grandma using that pattern. I want to try one before I commit to that though! Love the card and layout too.

Have a great weekend, my friend. And thanks again for the awesome quilt square!!! xo

Jo.C said...

It's a great square and I love the card. May have to pin it too. Well done. Which reminds me I have one to do for Deb!

It's such a beautiful square and I was lucky enough to see it 'in the flesh' before sending it on its way to Deb. Thanks for joining in again this month Karen. I'll add you to the board now.

Louise said...

oooh I do love your quilt square x