TBT - Can't Help Loving That Man of Mine

10:30 Karen 5 Comments

This week's TBT features a page I made for the ATDML cybercrop in 2011.  The photo was from a walk/picnic we took along the river for Gracia's 18th Birthday - where did those three years go then?

Kiera is a dog who loves anyone and everyone - David always says that if you opened our gate she would go home with you and not give a backward glance.  I like to think otherwise but wouldn't like to risk it.  Out of the three dogs we have had she is the one who has spent most time with me and the one who I kid myself is my dog but in reality she is only my dog when David is out and even then I come second choice to Gracia!

Reasons to be cheerful:

1.  That we have had the privilage of owning three Golden Retrievers - all very different personality but all gorgeous in their own way.

2.  Kiera was the only puppy in her litter left when we went to choose and so there was no choice to be made and I am so pleased that the decision was taken out of our hands.

3.  She is such a funny and compliant dog only ever wanting to please us and makes our family complete.


Ruth said...

Beautiful layout ... and I'm with you when you say a dog completes a family. Our dog is actually my dog, but as much as he loves me and The Boy Child, he adores The Brainy One.

scrappyjacky said...

I would hate to be without a dog...they certainly complete a family.

Denise said...

Gorgeous,layout and photo -a house is not a home without a dog :-) x

Amy said...

We've all been a bit lost without a dog - well, no longer! Our Bronte sounds as though she was similar to Keira ... in fact, we lost her one day and she happily went to a kind person's house and didn't seem all that fussed when we picked her up - she had settled in quite nicely within a couple of hours!

Sandie said...

That's a lovely layout and photo Karen.
I miss not having a dog but it's not the right time with me at work such long hours.