Don't try this at home!

22:30 Karen 13 Comments

Joining in with Abi's 1 photo 20 words

I thought I would enjoy making a pretty dress - I didn't and resented the time stolen away from paper crafting! 


I then made a layout to remind myself of the lesson learnt!

 Thank you Janice for that beautiful sparkly button!

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1.  A good lesson learnt!

2.  Sweet memories of my grandmother teaching me to sew.

3.  Gracia wanting me to help her make a dress in the summer hols - now that is a project I will enjoy.



Cheri said...

Well, the fabric sure looked pretty!

Sian said...

Now this is an interesting discovery! I'm waiting for my machine to be serviced and then we are going to try mother daughter sewing too. Fingers crossed. That looks like a lovely pattern

Jane said...

I'm still scared of using my machine!

scrappyjacky said...

I'm pretty sure I would hate making a I'm going to avoid even attempting it!!!

Louise said... least you know now unlike me who'll probably never get around to trying! a great page x x

Abi said...

I like the look of that pattern too. I have never attempted a dress from a pattern. My mum is amazing at dressmaking though so I will have to persuade her to some mum and daughter time this summer!

Nathalie said...

Ha! What a great way to present a lesson learned! I love the page you did with it!

Oh, how disappointing. I totally understand that resentment of precious spare time taken up. The pattern and fabric both look lovely. Here's to a more successful foray into dressmaking with your daughter.

LOL! Glad to find someone else who doesn't like sewing.

Sandra said...

I think it's good you've tried it. Ok it's not for you but let's face it, creative people want to try everything lol

Anonymous said...

Love your layout! I'm terrible at sewing and it seems all my machine gets used for is repairs to seams and hems.

Karen said...

I gave up sewing years ago when I realized it cost more to buy the fabric and findings than it did to buy a dress on sale!

Becky said...

This did make me laugh! Sorry that you didn't like making the dress - dressmaking doesn't appeal to me at all, much prefer papercrafting or knitting!