TBT - Hopefully not this time!

07:09 Karen 3 Comments

You may remember this post, from when I took the girls shopping and lost the car!

This is a photo from that post

and I am aiming to get another similar one today as we are going shopping to the same shopping center and hopefully I won't loose my car this time. 

A layout from April 2013 which features a photo from the shopping trip - love that the girls are still just as good best friends as they were when they first met. 


 Reasons to be cheerful:-

1.  A wonderful weekend in Newcastle with Gracia and Josh albeit that 7 hours house cleaning was involved!

2.  My girl is home for a few days before she goes off to Italy for a holiday.

3.  Hannah is also staying for a few days - love having my surrogate daughter here too.



scrappyjacky said...

Hope you manage some shopping for yourself as well.

Sian said...

Best of luck with that, then! Yes, I hope you get something nice for yourself too

Sandra said...

Have fun shopping, make sure this time you have lots of bags for you to fill, your hopefully, unlost car lol