Join me for a tube ride this weekend!

07:43 Karen 3 Comments

Hello blog friends.  Are you joining me this weekend for a ride around London on the tube without even having to leave your scrapping area?  Come and join the talented ATDML design team for an amazing journey (hopefully using up lots of your stash on the way - which of course, if you are like me, means that you can buy some more) through some of London's famous and not so famous tube stations for our Cybercrop.

We have layouts, mini albums, cards etc for you to make - 17 classes in total and we also have plenty of challenges too.

You can find the Timetable here 

The pre-crop prep docs are 

and Mine

the classes will be posted here each time they become live.

There may be prizes, there may be late nights and there WILL be fun.

I look forward to spending the weekend with you and exploring London together.


Cheri said...

When I read the title my mind didn't register underground transportation - it went straight to tubing down the river! The crop sounds like fun. I'll have to figure out the time conversion to see if I can pop in for some of it! :)

Sandra said...

I would love to do this but I can't this weekend ... So not fair lol

Sandie said...

It sounded such fun - sadly I was on my own ride this weekend canoeing down the Chelmer. Hope it is repeated sometime soon.