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Well I have been a very busy girl, what with preparing classes and challenge examples for the ATDML Cybercrop and a 1001 other things I have been very neglectful in commenting on the blogs I follow and updating mine. I have been doing stuff rather than writing about doing stuff! 

I taught three classes for the Cybercrop, made three examples for challenges and then during the crop and over the last week have made a further nine pages so 15 in total.

All the classes were named after London underground stations and I designed a page and an additional project for each of my three.

My first class was called Hanger Lane - I made little coat hangers out of paperclips and hung little handmade paper dresses from these.  The photos are from when Gracia did work experience in a prom dress shop and spent two weeks dressing up and having her photo taken or taking photos of herself - a job she hated as you can imagine.

Additonal project - patch work cards

The second class was called High Barnet and this featured a photo of Gracia when she was in the musical Summer Holiday with her backcombed hair (cockney rhyming slang for hair is Barnet Fair) so the title High Barnet fitted the photos perfectly.

 Additional project - Mini Album

The Third class I taught was called Kew Gardens and featured lots of 'fussy cutting' of flowers.

Additional project - Twisted Cards

I think that's enough for one day so will return tomorrow - if I remember with the three pages I made for the challenges.  

Reasons to be cheerful:

1.  Finding time to be creative.

2.  Inspiration from the other DT members with their beautiful classes.

3.  Feeling really happy due to the amount of time spent making stuff.


Cheri said...

Your pages and projects are gorgeous Karen! I got as far as looking at the first three classes. Then my own projects and house keeping and family and life in general got in the way and I didn't have time to look at the rest, much less participate. But I know it is there and I can go back to it when I have time.

scrappyjacky said...

Some stunning projects,Karen....I love the cards.

Susanne said...

This post is an absolute crafter's delight. You go girl!!