Spark of Madness

20:50 Karen 4 Comments

Like many people the news of Robin Williams' death came as a shock and surprise. I have always loved his films, loved his bravery when fighting his demons and loved his philosophy on life.   I feel the world is a less colourful place without him. 

Cheri is running a project called A Year of Kindness, on her blog, and this week suggests that you make a difference with your words as Robin Williams said "No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world." 

So I will wholeheartedly join in this week and as my personal tribute to Robin Williams I have used one of my favourite of his quotes on this page.



New Year New You - June & July

08:38 Karen 5 Comments

Well, we are over half way through the year and the effects of my efforts to make a new me this year are starting to show - less weight, fitter and a calmer new me!

In June, when the weather started to heat up, I realised that I didn't drink nearly enough water during the day and this resulted in me feeling sluggish during the afternoon.  So my resolve for June was to make sure I drank much more water and less caffine based drinks.

I swapped my 'first cup of the day and last drink before bed' for a glass of water and made sure I always had a bottle of water on my desk at work.


July saw the biggest change so far this year - the offer of a new Job.

I am swapping a 60 minute drive to work for a 7  minute one and as I start earlier will subsequently get to leave earlier and could potentially be walking back into my house two hours earlier than I do at the moment.

 It is a dream job, one I never thought I would be offered and it comes with the challenge of learning lots of new skills over the next year - can't wait to start in September.

This year seems to be shaping up quite nicely - wonder what August will bring?

Reasons to be cheerful:

1.  Goals being achieved.

2.  Confidence being restored.

3. Believing in myself again.