LSNED Sept 1

09:05 Karen 1 Comments

The lesson today was one I already knew and really didn't need to be reminded of.  Driving away from Gracia and leaving her in Newcastle to start her fourth year at uni was just as hard as when I left her for the first time.  Although she looks happy in this picture, if it were taken five seconds later we would both be in floods of tears.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1.  Gracia has such fabulous housemates this year, I know she will be very happy.

2.  The worry of getting to the hospital using the metro and a bus has been alleviated as she has found someone to car share with. 

3.  No studying just working in hospitals this year - more time for doing things she wants to do in her spare time and the promise of more visits home = happy mum and dad.



Aw, I love the photo and your words today, Karen. It's an exciting time for Gracia, that's for sure. I'm glad to see you're doing LSNED again this year. xo