February DT Part 2

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Hello, Hello, Hello Lovely People - I hope this Sunday finds you well.

Today I thought I would show you a couple of layouts I made for the February DT Gallery using the Good Day Sunshine range from Simple Stories.

The first - Good Day Sunshine, has a photo that was taken in December and the day the photo was taken was a 'Good Day' because Gracia and I got to spend time with Eileen and Hannah - a rare occurrence these days compared to when I used to see Hannah almost every day and Eileen several times a week.


The second - Dino Dinner - features a photo Gracia sent me last summer.

I really love how she likes to fool around and doesn't mind what other people will think.  Also I really, really love that she thinks - that will make a good scrapbook page and sends me the photo. This one was taken near to where she lived last year.  A very enterprising shopkeeper sold tins of spray paint and allowed people to paint Graffiti Art onto his walls.  Some of the pieces were stunning but it was always evolving as old pieces were painted over with new ones.

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1. Memories of a fabulous few days spent with Gracia in Newcastle.

2. Still losing weight slowly but steadily.

3. The prospect of taking David and Kiera out for a walk later.



1 Photo 20 Words - February

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 An idea from Abi  - 1 photo 20 words.

“Why did you choose that bracelet?” I asked. 
 “It reminds me of DNA strands” she replied. 
Embracing her inner Geek.



Me on Monday - 9th Feb 2015

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An idea from Sian 

The weekend has been a baking cupcakes (what's new there I hear you say) mucked up hall booking, 

scrapping with the girlies, 

making a beautiful book (thank you for such a gorgeous class Wendy),  

having a lie in, going out  with David for tea and cake,

 making fairies for the Rainbows tonight, sort of weekend.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1.  Looking forward to half term.

2.  Cooked breakfast waiting to be eaten.

3. Remembered to put my iPod and earphones in my bag - none of Dan's  loud rock music  in the office for me today.


Making a Good Start

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You may recall, if you took this class (which was based on a Project Life type of page) at the ATDML Autumn retreat 

that I said I loved the idea of doing Project Life but didn't think I had enough going on in my life to do a whole book. I also said that I was thinking of doing a double page each month - without using the pocket pages, as that would be the ideal solution for me. I had spoken to the lovely Denise about making a 1 photo page and a multi-photo page as a pair each month. So when I saw that Jo had decided to choose her five favourite photos from each month and to print and scrap them I had the ideal opportunity to put my plan into practice.

Here are my January ones.  Of course I have used my Silhouette to cut out some elements for the page and have used the very gorgeous Kaisercraft Rustic Harmony Collection.  

Photo 1 taken by Gracia using her Selfie Stick (the best Christmas present ever)

Photo 2 a selfie taken on the 1st of January as prompted by Ann here
Photo 3 a quick family shot - again using that very useful selfie stick, just before we took Gracia to the station to return to Newcastle after Christmas.  
Photo 4 - this one makes my little heart sing as now that Eileen has moved to Scotland we don't get very many opportunities to scrap together but she came over to play whilst she was staying with family over Christmas/New Year.
Photo 5 - Gracia and Josh.  Josh stayed with Gracia for a week in January prior to his 3 month adventure (at the moment he is in Vietnam having been to Thailand and Cambodia).  

For the front page of my album I decided that I would keep it simple and just have a smaller photo from the 1 photo page each month.  I am really pleased with this page as I used my Silhouette with a black Silhouette pen to draw the squares for the photos, the two cameras (I know the one on the right is the one on the left flipped so the controls are in the wrong place) and to outline the title, which again was another first for me - cutting glitter paper!

There we have it - a good start and thank you Jo for the idea.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1.  Spending time with some lovely ladies yesterday, cutting and sticking despite the hiccups and the start and finish of the day.

2.  A weekend of glorious sunshine, albeit a little cold.

3.  One more week and then it's half term.




Me on Monday - Feb 2nd

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Me on Monday -  Sian's idea over at From High in the Sky 

It's been a sound and lighting for the dance show rehearsal,

picking up crochet after over 20 years since my last effort,

baking 50th birthday cupcakes for a friend at work, 

paying David's suppliers, food shopping, soup eating kind of weekend. 

 Reasons to be cheerful:

1.  Skyping our girlie this evening.

2. Rediscovering a love of wool.

3. Spending time with my best boy.