Feburary in 5 Photos

06:55 Karen 5 Comments

I am really enjoying this way of recording the month - it makes me think carefully about the photos I am going to use and the events I am going to record. Thank you JO for the idea.  

 1. Gracia came home for the weekend and we went for a long but very enjoyable family walk.

2.  I went back to Newcastle with her for a few days and she treated me to a birthday tea at Olive and Beans - delicious.

3.  As always we were very silly whilst out shopping trying on different things and giggling at the result.

4. Not a photo taken by me but one I love nevertheless - Josh jumping off a cliff , somewhere exotic, I think in Indonesia but am not sure.  To me this epitomises his adventure.   Can't believe he has had over half of his time away - Gracia is counting down the weeks.

5. A photo taken with my selfie stick - a birthday present that has caused much amusement and has been very useful.  Thank you very much Eileen x

Whilst at the crop on Saturday I managed to make 4 pages - not sure what happened there as I usually am pleased if I come away with having made 1 as I am such a procrastonater!  I used the remains of the Kaisercraft XO papers to make the one with Gracia and Josh on.

I then used the remains of the Kaisercraft papers I used for my month in 5 photos for January to make this one.  It was taken last April but it reminds me how lovely the friendship the four of us have is,  and I love that Hannah considers me to be almost a second mum.

The other two were for my March DT so can't show them just yet.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1.  Love spending time with the EK girls and the fun we have every month.

2. The special relationship I have with my best girl and the fun times we have - counting down the days to the Easter hols.

3.  Looking forward to Hannah coming to stay for a couple of days when Gracia is home - we will have a house filled with noise and girlie chatter and laughter. - can't wait. 



Alison said...

Jo's idea has had me. Scrapping more in the last couple of months than I did all of last year!...great layouts Karen...by the way, I think I missed you by a couple of days in Newcastle! Xx

Cheri said...

Great layouts Karen - I especially love the last one with you in it. That is one I would recognize instantly as your style!

scrappyjacky said...

A lovely selection.

These are all fantastic.

Jo said...

They are really beautiful layouts. I'm another crop procrastinator :)