March in 5 Photos

21:53 Karen 3 Comments

For my March pages I have used Websters Pages - Dream in Colour.  As soon as I saw this range I loved it and when I saw the sticker with the words 'You are my favourite work of art' I knew I had to have it for my Month in 5 photos layouts.

1. Gracia came home for Easter and at her instigation we had lots of walks with Kiera.

2. David bought me a new car (I named her Nellie) which someone has subsequently run into the back of - I stopped at a round-a-bout and they didn't.  I was fine but my poor car has a broken bumper and a squished boot.  

3. I went on a school trip to the National Gallery and saw my all time favourite painting - Monet's The Water-Lily Pond.

4. For Mother's Day Gracia had an Alice In Wonderland themed necklace and earrings made for me.

5. I took my Rainbows to a Danceathon in aid of Comic Relief and made Red Nosed Shaun the Sheep cupcakes to sell.

So another month has been documented thanks to Jo's brilliant idea of printing out 5 photos and scrapping them.

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1. Nobody was hurt in the accident.

2. Gracia has passed her theory driving test ( not just passed it but she aced it - we wouldn't expect anything less from our little obsessive achiever).

3. We had some fabulous adventures during the two weeks she was home and I am looking forward to the ones I have planned for the summer.


Sandra said...

Your poor new car, I'm just pleased to hear no one was hurt

Cheri said...

Love the colors in those paper lines and how well they compliment your photos! Your poor car. :(

Jo said...

Amazing pages! Sorry to hear about the car, I'm just glad nobody was hurt. Congratulations to Gracia x