Playing Dirty!

19:30 Karen 4 Comments

I don't often play with paint, inks and stamps, I have these in my stash but mostly because I see what wonderful results other people get with them and then 'chicken out' when it comes to using them on my pages.  I have been know to go into complete melt down over stamping on a page. 

Today I decided to play dirty and use some of my unused but not unloved media for a slightly mixed media page.  I was inspired by the success I had with my Easter frame and wondered if this technique would work on paper - it does.  I actually did a little happy dance as I watched the crackles appear.  So firstly, I laid down a wash of gold paint, then once dried a layer of pva glue and when this was tacky a wash of white paint.

Caught up in the moment I ran my seam ripper round the edges of the two pieces of paper and then used a Cosmic Shimmer spray to speckle the page and finally, only a little shows, stamped with some distress ink.  

As I had the Cosmic Shimmer out I sprayed some white roses and then dabbed some gold paint onto these.  


The strips that run down and across the page are mostly manufacturers strips cut from the bottom of the paper and a couple of border stickers.  

I tore around a phrase and painted the torn edge gold.

Finally I added a phrase sticker, cut into three, for my journaling.

Oh I am beginning to like playing dirty and am now thinking of investing in a pot of molding paste to put in my drawer for a while until I feel adventurous and have another little splodge about on a page.

Reasons to be Cheerful:-

1.  A lovely family walk this morning - one we hadn't done before but one we will certainly do again.

2.  An afternoon playing whilst the rest of the family did their own thing.

3. The prospect of a hot bath to try and remove some of the Cosmic Shimmer from my hands - am pleased that on the stress scale I have only reached a 5 out of 10 at the state of my hands when normally it would be at least an 8 or 9!


Cheri said...

getting dirty can be all kinds of fun and it always washes off ... eventually! Your page is beautiful.

Sian said...

It looks terrific. You should definitely get dirty more often :)

Alison said...

Well done on your was well worth it! Xx

Jo said...

Great page, you've definitely got the knack of getting dirty! x