Me on Monday - 25th May 15

09:21 Karen 6 Comments

Joining in with Sian's - Me on Monday.

Hoooo-raaaay it's half term and today finds me relaxing after three days of hanging an art exhibition last week.  I love my job as it is so varied.  One day I'm designing a new website and the next I'm hanging beautiful art.

So this weekend has been a very indulgent one - I had the excuse that there was no point in doing any housework as David was using a grinder in the lounge and all the dust was getting everywhere.  Can't use that excuse tomorrow when he's back at work.

After doing the mundane jobs like food shopping I had a weekend of varied pleasures.

I walked Kiera several times

Kiera says 'Hello'

Finished/made 4 scrapbook pages on Saturday

IRL this one isn't as 'wonky donkey' as it looks

Tided and sorted out my Pinterest boards on Sunday - took much longer than I had anticipated but now more organised.

Started making a dress - not convinced I haven't cut the fabric out upside down - still looks pretty though.

and baked cakes for tea - without any icing as David likes his buns plain and simple, he would say 'how he likes his women!'  He lucked out on that one I'm afraid.

An absolutely splendid weekend, don't you agree?

Hope your week is as good as I intend mine to be.

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1.  Our girl is coming home for the weekend on Friday.

2.  Am loving making things on the Singer hand machine (my Christmas present from David last year).

3. The prospect of a lovely long, early morning, walk with David and Kiera.


Sian said...

Scrapbooking? Sewing? baking? Sounds pretty good to me! My sister once made me a dress - years ago- and only admitted recently that one of the panels was inside out. I'd never noticed!

Have a good week Karen

scrappyjacky said...

Sounds all good. Love that last layout.

debs14 said...

I'm sure no one will notice if it is upside down, it can't be that obvious if you aren't sure if it is or it isn't!
Someone once pointed out that if you look at a dog's nose really close up, it looks like an alien's face. Having seen Keira's photo, I think they're right!

Louise said...

A little bit of everything this weekend for you. Loving your singer x

Susanne said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend, 4 layouts on a Saturday - how heavenly!

Jo said...

That sounds like a very lovely, productive weekend and I love the layouts x