Me on Monday - 19th Oct 2015

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Joining in with Sian's - Me on Monday

As I have returned to the land of blogging, after an absence of way too long, I thought ahead and planned this post by taking appropriate photos over the weekend.

This is actually a me on Sunday night as I know that come Monday morning I will be too busy to write anything.  So Monday will see me returning to work for the last week before half term.  It will be a week of updating the displays with art work, I am stunned by some of the pieces the girls have produced, will show in another blog post.  

The weekend saw me food shopping on Saturday but not too much as I have another order from Hello Fresh arriving on Tuesday.

I also went to visit my uncle who is in a home receiving end of life care.  

Photo taken a few weeks ago before he went into the home.

Today I have been a domestic goddess and cooked chocolate chip buns (nice view of my puppy slippers in this one)

and pizza.  

This is a deceptive photo because the pizza is actually covers the whole of my Aga baking sheet - massive, and David has managed to demolish more than half.

Also, after bragging to my aunt that David was such a clean worker, he used the grinder on the new chimney in the lounge and managed to cover every surface, both upstairs and down, with dust so I had a mammoth dusting session this afternoon.  

Well it's time for bed and I only have to link to Sian's post tomorrow and I have another blog post under my belt - three in as many days - go me!

Reasons to be cheerful:

1.  Uncle Ron is looking better than I have seen him for a long time.  The decision to transfer him to a care home was the right one.

2.  Looking forward to this weeks Hello Fresh meals.

3. Forward thinking!


I'm sure your Uncle considers your visit a true blessing!
We made flat bread pizzas this weekend - with many, many fewer calories than yours I'm sue!!!

debs14 said...

Absolutely the right decision for your uncle, he will get excellent care and attention. Hard decision to make though.
Good to see the inner domestic goddess taking over your kitchen. I'm not sure your husband deserved half that scrum my pizza after causing you all that housework!

Sian said...

It's hard isn't it? But I bet he was delighted to see you and to feel bright enough to enjoy your visit.

That pizza looks amazing. Wow. Mind you, so does the fridge full of fresh food. Enough to make even a reluctant cook like me think about rustling up a little something.

It's great to be giving you a wave this week Karen. I hope you have a good one!

Gail said...

Nice full fridge there! Curious about your Hello Fresh reference. John gave me a pizza stone a couple of Christmases ago but I haven't used it - I'll definitely have to - yours looked yummy!
It's a difficult decision but the right one.
Have a nice rest of the week.

Jo said...

That sounds like a varied weekend! Making the choice to put someone in a home is so hard and I am so pleased that after a couple of weeks you know it is the right one xx

Louise H said...

Just popped by from Sian's blog so sorry I am a little late! I hope this weekend has been as good as the last one was. The pizza and cakes BOTH look fantastic and yummy. Have a good week ahead x

Sandie said...

I seem to have lost your blog from my feed so have not visited for a while. The pizza looks wonderful, good job we don't have smell-a-blog because I'd be feeling very hungry!
Sorry to hear about your uncle, I hope he is settled in the care home and being well looked after.