Being a Cheeky Little Sew & Sew

18:48 Karen 7 Comments

Hello, hello.  I bet you didn't expect to see me so soon!

A few days before Christmas I posted on Facebook that I was going to spend the day sewing Christmas presents and only just remembered that I had promised to post what I had made.  After posting on Facebook I thought - that would make a cheeky quick and simple blog post and so here it is!

These weren't all made in the same day but over a couple of weeks.  Firstly I made a scrapping bag with lots of pockets for my Oldest Best Friend Eileen.

Then I made another form my New Best Friend Denise.

I then wanted to make something special for Hannah, who is Graca's oldest best friend and who just happens to be the daughter of Eileen, my oldest best friend (not as complicated as it sounds) so having found several on Pinterest I decided that I would make a Disney Princess apron.  As Snow White is her favourite Disney princess I chose that one to make.  I bought a vintage apron pattern from Amazon and set to making it.  

It was a project that to look at you would think would only take a couple of hours but in fact it took 8.  

Then as I had made one for Hannah and as we had bought Gracia a super dooper new all singing all dancing food mixer for Christmas I thought I had better make one for her too and so I made a Belle one as Belle is her favourite Disney Princess.

Eileen and I are planning another sewing project for this year - quilt blocks but I may well be asking for help there DEB KEYWORTH are you available for consultations?

Reason To Be Cheerful

I have rediscovered my love of sewing.


Sian said...

You are very clever! Who wouldn't love an apron like that?

debs14 said...

How lovely! You see, once that sewing bug hits you can't step away! Looking forward to what you get up to next! I love those bags, perfect for taking to crops - I'm guessing they will get much use from those two lucky ladies.
What fun aprons too - I wonder what will be next ...

Jo said...

All I can say is WOW, they look so amazing. I'm hoping to dust of my sewing machine this year and get some planned quilts actually made :) x

Anonymous said...

Absolutely amazing! I love the aprons.

scrappyjacky said...

Wow.....all amazing...I just love that second bag.

I love those bags!
And the apron has such flair.

Susanne said...

The bags are adorable, but every girl would love an apron like those!