Memorandum Monday, 18th Jan 2016 - This Little Light of Mine

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Joining in with Sian's Memorandum Monday.

After reading this post from Deb and a subsequent email conversation, with her,  I decided that this was the year that I 'go public' with my blog.  I am always worried that people will make fun of me because I spend time playing with paper and glue and that people 'don't get' how I can spend an inordinate amount of time making scrapbook layouts - even David is puzzled by it! I am wary that people will think I am boasting or showing off.

For me scrapbooking is an extension of my love for my life and family.  I like to take a happy memory, in the form of a photograph, and then put in time and effort to showcase it the best way I can.  Whilst doing this I am constantly remembering the background to the photo and the fun we had during the time it was taken. My pages used to have a lot of journaling on them but since Gracia moved to Newcastle, I don't have a story to go with many of the photographs.

So instead I pinch them off her Facebook page and then make a layout with them - she doesn't seem so far away if I can scrap her, I know it sounds silly but that's just 'How I Roll'!

I have a design degree - it is in my DNA to create and I should celebrate the fact that I have been privileged enough to have been on Shimelle's design team, that I was runner up in the 2009 UK Scrapbooker of the Year competition and that I am now a member of the ATDML design team, and not hide it.  

So this weekend I have learnt that I can take a leap of faith, be brave and put it out there - posting to my main Facebook page and not just to the closed groups I am a member of!

As Deb said - This little light of mine, I gonna let it shine!

Reason to be cheerful:-

Blog friends who inspire and encourage - thank you Deb x


Denise said...

Your words made me think - don't ever let your sparkle be dulled- let your light shine xxx

Ladkyis said...

Welcome to our world!!! We never laugh at people who share our affli............hobby

debs14 said...

If you've got it (or scrapped it) - flaunt it! Share your talent!

:o) !!! I "liked" your Facebook link yesterday from my phone, and am just now reading this post. I am SO proud of you for sharing this, Karen! I have always been a big fan of your scrapbooking skills, and I believe that by sharing them you inspire others to do the same. Thanks so much for linking to me. I'm so happy to know that I was able to inspire you as well. xo!

Sian said...

Gosh: I love scrapbooking so much I hadn't ever really thought anyone would think of it as a waste of time. I couldn't agree more that one of the best bits is the reliving the story as we scrap. I think that has to have a positive effect on our mental health. You post with pride Karen ..all your pages, all the time x

Alison said...

Well done Karen..I know lots of people 'don't get it' but we are all glad to see your pages at any time..keep shining!xx

Sandra said...

You're inspiring, so I'm happy to hear you will be sharing more of your layouts in public. You should shout your talents from the roof tops

I've always enjoyed seeing your lovely scrap book pages and more recently your sewing projects. Creativity should celebrated and shared. Shine away.

Jo said...

I think it's about time you went public, you're too talented to be hidden away x

Susanne said...

That's a lovely page, and I can relate to how it feels when they head off to college. Absolutely share all you want - we get it!