Memorandum Monday - 25th January 2016 - Be Prepared

06:30 Karen 5 Comments

Joining in with Sian's Memorandum Monday.

Yes I am a Guider and have been for almost 15 years,  but don't always live by the motto 'Be Prepared' but this weekend I learnt the value of planning.  It so makes for an easy life.  

I know I have a really, really busy couple of weeks coming up - next week I am going to Tate Modern (something I vowed I would never do) on a school trip with the sixth form girls.  I also have things to do for the school production of We Will Rock You.  Next Saturday, I am working setting up the lights and sound system ready for the technical rehearsal on Sunday, which I am also required for. Then the week after there are the performances.  

My forward planning started on Friday when I went to The Range to source something to make with my Rainbows this evening - usually a job left until Sunday.  As we are doing the butterfly badge I found some beautiful sparkly foam butterflies and lolly sticks to make bookmarks with and then on Saturday found some stick on gems in Asda to pretty them up.

On a roll with the forward planning - Saturday saw me planning and making the class I am teaching at my crop on the 6th February thinking that, although I don't have the photos yet as it is a Month in 5 for January, if I don't get a chance next week I will be stressing about getting it done.

I then prepared Monday's dinner in advance, on Sunday when I prepared Sunday's dinner, so that I can come home from Rainbows and slap in in the AGA and it will be ready in a trice, preventing me snacking on the wrong things whilst I prepare and cook.

Apologies for blurry photo from my cook book - meal in fridge

All of this has paid off as I got an email, with some very exciting news which I can't divulge yet, but which means I need to find some time to make something quickly and because I have been well prepared I can easily find that time. 

Reason to be Cheerful:

Accepting that the next two weeks are going to be manic and preparing in advance for it. 


Your Rainbows will love those sparkly butterflies. My biggest trouble spot for bad food choices is snacking while making dinner! Cooking in advance is a great way to prevent that. Looking forward to the secret being divulged. Have a great week Karen.

debs14 said...

Exciting news? That you can't share? You temptress - come on, at least give us a clue ...!

Sian said...

Have a great week Karen, with all the lovely things you have to look forward to, and the hard work out of the way. It sounds like you have the makings of many layouts in there!

Louise H said...

Well done on being so prepared - those butterflies are fantastic and perfect for the Rainbows to make.

Jo said...

Well done on being so prepared and productive! I love that bookmark :)