Three Birds with One Stone.

17:41 Karen 5 Comments

Today I want to Katy's crop and what a lovely time I had.  Although it starts at 10, I didn't get there until nearly 11:30. When it is my crop I have to be at the hall at 9:45 and am often stressed about being late and not having everything I need, about people not turning up when they have said they are coming and whether ladies will like the class.

On the days of Katy's crop I can get up when I like, pack the bare minimum, not worry that Sainsbury's photo printing is out of order because I have time to go to Tesco instead, take my time getting there and pay a little visit to the Range on the way.  So it was a fabulously relaxing time spent perusing Katy's Stampin Up catalogue and choosing what I am going to buy when I see her next, drinking lots of tea, making 2 pages, well almost 3 really, and chatting to the lovely girls.

One of my pages fits three criteria for things I wanted to do this month. 

  • I used some of my ATDML DT kit
  • I used lace which fitted into the weekly challenge on Crafters@Play
  • I used a sketch I had pinned to one of my Pinterest boards - Fiona's SIPIDI (see it, pin it, do it)

So far my day has been splendid and it is going to remain so as I am just about to finish the third page I started at the crop.

Reason to be cheerful:-

Katy's fantastic crop x


Sandra said...

What a gorgeous layout. I too attended a crop and lucky for me Starbucks is almost next door! So you can guess what I did lol. Oh and I also perused a stamping up catalog

Sian said...

I'd love a crop like this close to me (though I'm not sure I'd be able to scrap as beautifully as that while enjoying the chat at the same time!)

debs14 said...

Ah, the difference between being the organiser and a participant! Pleased you had such a lovely a productive day.

Louise said...

it's much more relaxing when you're not the host - a gorgeous page x

Jo said...

You're right, she does look gorgeous as a red head! That is a really lovely page and I'm glad you enjoyed your crop x