This Little Light of Mine take 3 - Blessed Beyond Measure

07:26 Karen 6 Comments

Hello, hello lovely blog readers.

Believing that 2016 is going to be my year seems to be paying off.  On Wednesday I was delighted to be offered a DT Position for Silhouette UK!  Now everyone who knows me realises that my Cameo is such an essential part of my creative process.  I use it for 90% of my projects in addition to all the fun things I use it for to make with my Rainbow pack.

My friend Wendy suggested that I should apply for the UK Design Team and I put it off until the 11th hour, well almost the 12th hour as I sent in my application at 11:18am not realising that the deadline was 12pm!  Oh my word - just getting in by the skin of my teeth.  I was thrilled to be chosen as one of 8 UK designers so am looking forward to lots of different products that I would not normally try.  

The free Shape of The Week is this flower which can be downloaded here

and I used it to make this layout.

To see what all the other mega talented ladies have done look here.

I have bought some frames from £land to experiment with vinyl and have so many projects running round in my head.  

Reason to be cheerful:

Look at the size of the welcome pack I received!

Glow in the dark paper, vellum sheets, scratch off paper (like the stuff you get on scratch cards) A rhinestone setter and rhinestones, toolkit, sketch pens, two rolls of vinyl and the pile in the bottom corner is also vinyl, the roll of lots of colours at the top is heat transfer vinyl, leather look paper in black and brown, a pen holder, a new blade, a fabric printing kit, pixscan mat and normal mat and washie tape sheets - and that's just for starters! 


This is What Life Looks Like

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Sometimes you see a layout and an idea jumps into your head - well that's what happens to me and that's exactly what happened when I saw this layout

weekly challenge: scrapbook with hearts @ // layout by Heather Leopard

 on (click on layout above to go to blog post) I was inspired to make a page using hearts that look like they are 'flying off the page'.

I used my Silhouette to cut an oversized title and the hearts (quicker than hand cutting and used the Silhouette to cut a perforated line down the centre of each one much quicker to assemble accurately).

The layout came together very quickly after that.  I used papers from Kaisercraft's  True Love collection.  

                                           My Love                                       

    My Darling

                                        My Baby                                         

I also used a favourite family photo which is typical of one of our Sunday afternoon walks.  Love how Josh now joins in with our silly antics.  I love this photo so much that this is the second time I have used it on a page this month and it has featured on other layouts too.

I am going to put it into a box frame as I don't want the hearts to be squashed down by a page protector.

Reason to be cheerful

We are lucky enough to have Josh in our family and he perfectly compliments Gracia's wacky, geeky personality. 


Memorandum Monday on Tuesday - Feeling Blessed

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This weekend was a big one for us, it was mine and David's 30th Wedding Anniversary and a rather big birthday for me!

We decided that we wanted to spend it with Gracia and Josh so drove to Newcastle on Friday.  On Saturday Gracia and Josh presented us with this card. 

Its one from Paperchase that they have adapted to say Gracia's lovely parents, Thank you very much for being so lovely.  You are fab!  Which I thought was very touching but not as touching as what was written on the back.

"To Mummy & Daddy - Happy Anniversary - We have planned something pretty special! Hope you enjoy it.  We are off to Edinburgh!  Wahooo.  We have booked you a hotel to stay in for Sunday evening (we will get the train back).  Hope you have a lovely, lovely time.  Love you lots Gracia & Josh xxxxx"

So what did I learn this weekend, alongside many things about Edinburgh - that I have, without a doubt, the best kids in the whole wide world.

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1. Spending a wonderful few days with Gracia and Josh.

2. Being thoroughly spoilt.

3. 30 of the happiest years of my life spent with David. 


This Little Light of Mine - Take Two

23:00 Karen 5 Comments

I am a member of a Facebook group called crafters@play and try to join in with Heather's scrapbook challenge each month - I don't always find the time but I have managed this month and it's early!

The challenge was to use this sketch 

and to scrap about yourself - not something many of us scrapbookers like to do.

I used Kaisercraft #Me which has a really cute doodle paper.  I coloured in some of the doodles with my watercolour pencils - now I have got them out I have plans for another little project soon.

Love the lime, black and white combo.

Reason to be cheerful:

Rediscovering my colouring pencils - they have been in the spare room for about 2 years.



Memorandum Monday - 8th February 2016

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Hello, hello lovely peeps.  It's Monday and so time to join Sian with another Memorandum Monday - what did I learn this weekend?

I learnt that our local Sainsburys doesn't do photo printing anymore and that the local Boots photo printing machine was out of order.  I learnt that although I thought I was being ultra organised by sorting out the photos I wanted to print sometimes things don't always turn out how you plan.  But most inportantly I learnt that I can spend a whole day scrapping, making 5 layouts, and not need photos, you just buy a cheap note book and cut the pages into the size of your intended photos 

- they can always be added later. 

Reason to be cheerful:-

Spending a lovely relaxing day with some of the nicest women I know. 


Just Another Manic Monday (on Tuesday) or Memorandum Monday - 2nd Feb 2016

07:15 Karen 5 Comments

Yes I am joining in a day late as the weekend was manic and Monday was even worse!  Very busy at school with setting up the sound and lighting for We Will Rock You on Saturday and then technical rehearsal on Sunday. Monday seemed to rush by in a blur and before you know it, it's Tuesday morning and you have missed the Memorandum Monday slot!

What did I learn at the weekend? Blog reading can result in you using up what little spare time you have. Not reading the blogs you understand.  Let me explain - I got up very early on Saturday 5am to be precise so that I could get some of the jobs that needed doing done before I went to work.  I thought I would just catch up on my blog reading with a quick cup of tea before I started.  

I happened upon this post and that was it.  What is this 1010 that Sian was talking about?  I will just check it out on the app store I thought, I will just download it for later I thought, I will just have one game to see how it works I though - it doesn't work that way.  It sucks you in and before you know it 30 minutes have disappeared and you are still trying to beat your highest score.  

But 1010 did provide some moments of relaxation in a very busy weekend.  I know you will have to go and check it out now - happy gaming! 

Reason to be Cheerful

The half term holiday is looming up fast.