Just Another Manic Monday (on Tuesday) or Memorandum Monday - 2nd Feb 2016

07:15 Karen 5 Comments

Yes I am joining in a day late as the weekend was manic and Monday was even worse!  Very busy at school with setting up the sound and lighting for We Will Rock You on Saturday and then technical rehearsal on Sunday. Monday seemed to rush by in a blur and before you know it, it's Tuesday morning and you have missed the Memorandum Monday slot!

What did I learn at the weekend? Blog reading can result in you using up what little spare time you have. Not reading the blogs you understand.  Let me explain - I got up very early on Saturday 5am to be precise so that I could get some of the jobs that needed doing done before I went to work.  I thought I would just catch up on my blog reading with a quick cup of tea before I started.  

I happened upon this post and that was it.  What is this 1010 that Sian was talking about?  I will just check it out on the app store I thought, I will just download it for later I thought, I will just have one game to see how it works I though - it doesn't work that way.  It sucks you in and before you know it 30 minutes have disappeared and you are still trying to beat your highest score.  

But 1010 did provide some moments of relaxation in a very busy weekend.  I know you will have to go and check it out now - happy gaming! 

Reason to be Cheerful

The half term holiday is looming up fast. 


Sian said...

Oh no! I can't believe I'm responsible for this Oh, that's funny! It is relaxing though I can't deny it. We pass it round here in the evenings.

Have a great (distraction free) week Karen

Alison said...

Hope the show goes well...and I'm going to avoid looking up the game...I am bad enough with Candy Crush! Xx

debs14 said...

Do not tempt me with another game, I'm obsessed with Wordbrain at the moment!

Jo said...

Those games are lethal so I try and stay well away....you have tempted me though :) x

I steer clear of those games; just like I steer clear of pinterest.