Memorandum Monday - 8th February 2016

06:18 Karen 4 Comments

Hello, hello lovely peeps.  It's Monday and so time to join Sian with another Memorandum Monday - what did I learn this weekend?

I learnt that our local Sainsburys doesn't do photo printing anymore and that the local Boots photo printing machine was out of order.  I learnt that although I thought I was being ultra organised by sorting out the photos I wanted to print sometimes things don't always turn out how you plan.  But most inportantly I learnt that I can spend a whole day scrapping, making 5 layouts, and not need photos, you just buy a cheap note book and cut the pages into the size of your intended photos 

- they can always be added later. 

Reason to be cheerful:-

Spending a lovely relaxing day with some of the nicest women I know. 


Sian said...

It sounds like you had a lovely time. I couldn't get my laptop turned on for a day recently and I made a couple of pages by holding up my phone with the pictures on it beside my background paper.

Have a good week Karen

Jo said...

Well done on not letting the lack of photos stop you scrapping, that is a lovely layout x

Susanne said...

Great page, it really makes that photo shine.

Alison said...

Well done on getting those layouts done- especially without photos xx