Memorandum Monday on Tuesday - Feeling Blessed

18:41 Karen 5 Comments

This weekend was a big one for us, it was mine and David's 30th Wedding Anniversary and a rather big birthday for me!

We decided that we wanted to spend it with Gracia and Josh so drove to Newcastle on Friday.  On Saturday Gracia and Josh presented us with this card. 

Its one from Paperchase that they have adapted to say Gracia's lovely parents, Thank you very much for being so lovely.  You are fab!  Which I thought was very touching but not as touching as what was written on the back.

"To Mummy & Daddy - Happy Anniversary - We have planned something pretty special! Hope you enjoy it.  We are off to Edinburgh!  Wahooo.  We have booked you a hotel to stay in for Sunday evening (we will get the train back).  Hope you have a lovely, lovely time.  Love you lots Gracia & Josh xxxxx"

So what did I learn this weekend, alongside many things about Edinburgh - that I have, without a doubt, the best kids in the whole wide world.

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1. Spending a wonderful few days with Gracia and Josh.

2. Being thoroughly spoilt.

3. 30 of the happiest years of my life spent with David. 


Unknown said...

Have you had your holiday to Edinburgh already? If so, I hope you had a ball. If not, I'll give you recommendations for the best food and drinks and secret spots :)

Unknown said...
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Sian said...

We're just home from Edinburgh today after going to help our boy celebrate his 21st!

Many best wishes and congratulations on your double celebration..and apologies for my lateness in offering them.

Congratulations on your wedding anniversary & happy birthday wishes - hoping there is cake for candles for wishing upon.

Jo said...

What a lovely surprise from lovely children, I hope you enjoyed Edinburgh x