A Clean House - Free Silhouette Shape of the Week - 21 March 2016

22:32 Karen 1 Comments

Now anyone who knows me will know that I hate housework with a passion.  Don't get me wrong I do it and I love a clean and tidy house but the process involved in getting there is one I find tedious and a waste of time.

When I realised that the shape of the week was a quote that said 'A Clean House is a Happy House' I knew I would struggle to relate to it but I decided to make it into a little new home card.  

When David saw the card he said that I had got it wrong and it should say A Clean House is a Cr*ppy House.  He knows me so well. 

Reason to be cheerful:

My lovely boy who lives with all my domestic failings and loves me despite the fact he likes a clean and tidy house. 


Jo said...

I'm the same, I love it when it's all done but hate doing it!