Memorandum Monday - 7th March - Girls Just Wonna Have Fun

06:46 Karen 4 Comments

I was reminded on Saturday just how much I value my friends.  I spent the day with my two most favourite female companions (there were 16 other ladies there too but I will just talk about these two) at my crop.  My two absolutely best friends Eileen and Denise.

Eileen had been exiled living in Scotland for several years as her husband's job took them there but he has now relocated much closer to home and she was able to come along.  Our friendship started when our daughters (both only children) became friends at school.  Up until Eileen I didn't really do girlfriends as such I had friends who were women but none I would say I was really close to.  But Eileen persevered with my slight indifference about female friends and showed me the joy of having a best female bud.  

I met Denise through scrapbooking a few years ago and liked her immediately she is kind, funny and very talented, as is Eileen who is my scrap hero.  Denise and I are quite similar in many ways and we share an immense love of our family, Denise's love for her husband and boys shines through every page she makes. 

So on Saturday I relearnt that there is no better way to spend a Saturday than in the company of your two BFF's.

Reason to be cheerful

That Eileen persevered and showed me that having a girlfriend is one of life's essentials and that I had my friendship with Denise to rely on when Eileen was away.

Look out world the Three Musketeers are back together!

Joining in with Sian's Memorandum Monday. 


debs14 said...

How lucky that Eileen got her visa to be allowed back in the country ;-) I'm guessing that she lied to immigration about her penguin smuggling ...

Sandra said...

That photo says it all ... Friendship and fun

Jo said...

Lovely post, BFFs are the best. I've had mine for 41 years, we met at nursery school when we were 3 years old!

Susanne said...

What a terrific trio you make!